Twitter Is Reimagining Fox Characters As Disney Princesses & You're Gonna Love It

The news of the Disney and 21st Century Fox merger raises so many questions. Like, what exactly will Disney be getting in their $52.4 billion deal with the Murdoch family empire? Or most importantly, does the Disney and Fox merger mean that Disney princesses will be getting a makeover? Let television fans tell it, and the latter should skyrocket to the top of the "questions that need answers" list. And instead of waiting for a verdict, Twitter is morphing Fox characters into Disney princesses — and you're going to love it.

Developing new TV programming, becoming a force in the streaming market, and gaining a larger international presence are also on the list of perks for the major merger, according to the Times. It all sounds like a potential win-win for Disney and Fox. However, with a major deal like this one making headlines, it's only normal that a bit of apprehension will come from fans. After all, it's possible that a lot of their favorite shows could be affected, like This Is Us, The Simpsons, and Modern Family.

By becoming the majority stockholder within Fox, Disney would now be calling the shots. And just thinking about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be affected as a result, for example, is an understandable concern for many. Sure, mash-ups of Fox's Marvel properties and of Disney's MCU on the big and small screens are a potential perk, more than ever. But, what would that even look like? Captain America and the former Human Torch himself (aka Chris Evans) has already begun sorting that out on his Twitter feed. And honestly, it doesn't sound half bad.

While some may be shocked by the merger, fans of a certain Fox animated phenom seem to be handling the news pretty well. Back in Season 10 released in 1998, The Simpsons predicted that a Fox and Disney deal would be happening, according to Entertainment Weekly. You can call it a mere coincidence. But seeing as deals like this one rarely happen sporadically, it's also safe to bet that Disney has been knocking on Fox's door for some time now.

The Simpsons have been known to predict some pretty interesting things (i.e. Donald Trump becoming the president), but let's not jump the gun and categorize the merger as one of the spine-tingling additions.

Now, back to those potential Disney princesses. Twitter already started to celebrate one of the deal's potential benefits; instead of basking in the fear of the unknown, the television enthusiasts took this as a golden opportunity to make some much needed requests — starting with the remixing of the princess lineup.

The Silver Lining

Add Anastasia to the official Disney Princess lineup, stat.

'Alien' Princesses?

No lies have been detected.

"Vamprincess" Has A Nice Ring

All in favor of Buffy becoming a princess, say, "Aye."

Much-Needed & Long Overdue

The Simpsons definitely paid their dues, especially Lisa.

The More, The Merrier

Yes, are there's no need to debate this. Let's make the Belcher women Disney princesses.

Because, Diversity

Yes to all of this.

Facts Upon Facts

Sometimes you have to take the good with bad.

Live-Action Realness

And they should wear leather jackets in the official princess line-up, too.

Breaking The Mold

And this, folks, is what inclusion looks like.

Wait... What?

OK, so this is what "taking it too far" looks like.

Beautifully Refreshing

Now, that's a line-up.

It's going to be pretty interesting to see how this all unfolds, but here's to hoping that Disney integrates Fox's heroes into the princess roster without any reservation. There must be some type of criteria however, or things could get a little sticky.

And maybe turning to Twitter to help craft the list of requirements would be in the new Disney/Fox's best interest. After all, the princess morphing suggestions were birthed from the platform's very own creative collective.