These New 'Game Of Thrones' Posters Have Fans Convinced Gendry Will Sit On The Iron Throne


The newest images from the final season of Game Of Thrones are here, but all fans can talk about is the one character who isn't. For some reason Gendry is missing in Game Of Thrones Season 8 posters and it's got fans convinced that this means something big for the only living Baratheon. Some fans on Twitter are predicting that this is just another indication that when the smoke clears in Westeros, it's Gendry who will claim the Iron Throne.

On Thursday, Feb. 28, Game Of Thrones dropped posters for 20 of your favorite characters, all of whom are seen sitting atop the Iron Throne. Not to mention, offering up their best Real Housewives taglines like Jaime Lannister, who wants you to know, "There are no men like me. Only me." Beyond giving fans Real Housewives of Westeros vibes, these posters also left fans with questions about the fate of Gendry, played by Joe Dempsie, who previously said his character's role in the final season would be bigger than expected.

It's why it's very odd that Gendry wouldn't get a poster of his own. Especially since characters who seem less likely to actually win the highest seat in all the land, like Grey Worm and Missandei, got theirs. To be fair, though, Missandei's tagline makes it clear she's Team Khaleesi all the way, and not so interested in winning the throne for herself.

The only explanation, according to the internet, was that being poster-less was a major clue that Gendry is the real winner of the Iron Throne. As fan @livelovebread tweeted, "Gendry, the last standing Baratheon, is going to be the one to sit on the throne and that’s why he didn’t get a poster, that’s the tea for today folks."

Other fans agreed with this prediction since Gendry, being the illegitimate son of murdered King Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) is technically the real heir to the throne, even if he doesn't know it yet. And the Huffington Post wondered if leaving Gendry out completely was just a "diversion" since HBO also didn't include him in the first promotional photos of the final season.

"Gendry isn’t just a contender for the Iron Throne," HuffPo wrote. "As the son of Robert, he’s one of the main contenders. Excluding him here (and in the other Season 8 photos) seems like a way to make us forget that."

Of course, diehard fans would never forget about Gendry's claim to the throne. As fan @CrispyGin_CGE13 tweeted, the clues that Gendry is the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms have been there all along. It's why he doesn't really need a poster of his own, fans just have to watch the opening sequence to know it's his time to reclaim the throne.

"The only part of the opening sequence to never change is the Stag on the thrown [sic]," they tweeted, referring to the Baratheon's sigil, "and [Gendry] is the last Stag." The last one to sit on the Iron Throne.

But even if Gendry does make it onto the Iron Throne, it's possible that by the time he does, fans won't really want him to. Back in June, Dempsie hinted that Gendry is a powerful character who's still trying to figure out how to wield his strength. "There’s a lot of elements of his character and his parentage that make him potentially powerful or dangerous, and he’s constantly learning more about himself," he told Watchers On The Wall. "It’s almost impossible to know where he’s going to go now, based on both his ‘political’ clout, if he ever learns who he is, and his personality."

Even without his own poster, it's clear Gendry is going to play an important role in Game Of Thrones' final season, whether the show wants you to know it or not.