Attention, ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans — The First Photos From Season 8 Are Finally Here

Helen Sloane/HBO

They're really, finally here. The first photos of Game Of Thrones Season 8. And they are... not gonna help anyone figure out how Game Of Thrones will end. In fact, they're just gonna leave GoT fans with more questions than answers about the final season, premiering April 14, which may or may not end with every Game Of Thrones character dying. After all, that's what HBO basically said last year.

But like any other tiny Game Of Thrones morsel that's pieced out to fans, these photos will for sure spark a lot of imaginations. The photos will most likely lead to theories upon theories upon theories of what they could possibly mean for the fate of our favorite characters. Could that look on Cersei's face be a sign of defeat? Will Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen be able to work together after their tryst last season?

Well, no one really knows, but it isn't it nice to be thinking about Game Of Thrones again. That's why it's worth listing some of the questions fans might start asking after scrolling through these photos. Who knows, it might even lead to some real answers.

1. Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen

Helen Sloane/HBO

What or who are they looking at in the distance? The Night King? Cersei's army? Their unlikely future?

When this photo was taken did they already know they were technically related?

Who does their tailoring? And does Dany's coat hint at a possible pregnancy?

2. Brienne of Tarth

Helen Sloane/HBO

Has Brienne gotten a promotion yet? Girl needs to get paid, am I right?

Is Brienne still pledging her loyalty to the Starks or is she ready to re-team with Jaime?

Should Brienne's concern be concerning to the rest of us?

3. Samwell Tarly

Helen Sloane/HBO

Where did he get this leather jacket?

Is this glow-up tied to him possibly being named the "Warden of the South"?

Is this smirk a sign that he found the solution to taking down the Night King?

4. Cersei

Helen Sloane/HBO

Does this photo prove or disprove that Cersei is actually pregnant after her big reveal to Tyrion last season?

Is Cersei turning her back on everyone in her fight to keep the Iron Throne?

Will Cersei go up the stairs or down the stairs next?

5. Bran Stark

Helen Sloane/HBO

Where is Bran and why is there just so much chopped wood there?

Is this the cave and Bran is going full Three Eyed Raven this season becoming what he must become?

Is this the face of the Three Eyed Raven warging back to the creation of the Wall? Is this when we find out he's really Bran the Builder?

6. Sansa Stark

Helen Sloane/HBO

Is this before or after her meeting with Daenerys?

Is someone not happy to give up their home to the Khaleesi?

Is this the face of a woman who is so over everything? What could this mean for Jon Snow and Dany's alliance?

7. Tyrion Lannister

Helen Sloane/HBO

Did Tyrion just get fired from his job as Khaleesi's right-hand man?

Is this concerned look a sign that Tyrion is going to resign from his post?

Will Tyrion finally find out that he's not a Lannister, but a Targaryen?

8. Jaime Lannister

Helen Sloane/HBO

Is that smirk a sign that Jaime has got his groove back and we're gonna see him taking down all those white walkers?

Will Jaime team up with the Starks and have to actually kill his sister Cersei?

Is this a clue that Jaime and Brienne shippers are gonna get their wish?

9. Arya Stark

Helen Sloane/HBO

What does Arya's new wrap mean for her role in this war?

What is Arya so focused on? Is it one of the many people still left on her kill list?

Arya's alone in this photo, could this mean she's once again going the girl with no name route? Or, is this just a shot from Maisie Williams' final episode?

10. Davos Seaworth

Helen Sloane/HBO

Is another worried photo another sign to stock up on the tissues?

After fighting hard for Jon Snow, could Davos' worried look be a sign that he's not onboard with Jon Snow's war plan?

Is this another sign that there's a grim end coming for Davos?