Oxford Dictionary Could Make These Harry Potter Words Official Very Soon

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"Muggle" is already part of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), but the BBC reports that Oxford's eyeing more Harry Potter words for dictionary inclusion. Although words must typically be in use for 10 years before they may be considered for inclusion in the OED, certain ubiquitous terms may be fast-tracked, as was the case with "muggle," added in 2002.

Now, Oxford University Press is reportedly considering a short list of Harry Potter terms for inclusion in the Oxford Dictionaries, an online version of the OED with less stringent requirements for new additions. Among the words on Oxford's radar are "Potterhead," "Bellatrix," and a Harry Potter-related musical genre, "Wrock" — short for "Wizard rock." Oxford Dictionaries editor Charlotte Buxton says "Horcrux" is also ripe for the picking.

Harry Potter isn't the only fiction franchise to have words included in that most hallowed of dictionaries. J.R.R. Tolkien's "Hobbit" found its way into the OED in 1972. The world's two biggest science-fiction series hit the big time in 2002, when the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary embraced "Jedi" and "Klingon." In September 2016, the OED added Roald Dahl-created words in honor of the Matilda author's 100th birthday.

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