These HS Seniors Hilariously Dressed Up As Your Fave Pop Culture Icons For Their Student IDs

NBC/YouTube; elwell_erik/Twitter; Bustle/Screenshot

Give these students an A+! While many agonize over everything from bad lighting to being caught offguard when it comes to obligatory — and ever-dreaded — ID photos, a Michigan high school has turned the process into the most amazing tradition. The viral student ID photos from the North Farmington High School's 2019 senior class include hilarious and spot-on takes of everything from celebrities, iconic TV and movie characters, and even popular memes, as pointed out by Buzzfeed.

"We’ve been doing this tradition for eight years now," NFHS senior Alexa Hall (who dressed up as Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's) explained to Bustle. "Kids start planning from freshman year, trying to find who you look like. While trying to come up with something that hasn’t been done before is challenging, it’s really fun to see people’s doppelgängers, especially when that celebrity gives recognition on social media."

One such instance of celeb engagement came via actor Ken Jeong, who, on Sept. 13, retweeted a photo of a student dressed as Leslie Chow, his character from The Hangover. The NFHS senior, Jarryn Shin, explained to Bustle that he had tagged Jeong "multiple times" and was in class when he noticed the star's exciting social media shoutouts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. "I kinda freaked out and was overwhelmed," gushed Shin. "But it is super humbling because he didn’t make it about himself and posted my photos to give me recognition. He even tagged me in everything, so I am really appreciative."

Earning top honors from this year's graduating class are photos based on Dwight Schrute from NBC's The Office, Legally Blonde's Elle Woods, and the viral Cardi B meme, among many other characters in the must-see photos below.


Dwight Schrute From 'The Office'

The beloved Dunder Mifflin employee played by Rainn Wilson in NBC's classic comedy series made not one, but two, appearances in the students' ID photos.


Dwight Schrute (Again) & Michael Scott From 'The Office'

Two other teens' looks were "Straight Outta Scranton" in a parody of a hysterical music video — courtesy of Dwight and Steve Carell's Michael Scott — from a 2006 episode of The Office.


Elle Woods From 'Legally Blonde'

Another student's take on everyone's favorite golden-haired Harvard Law student — complete with a Bruiser Woods lookalike — definitely deserved a major bend and snap.


Mia Thermopolis From 'The Princess Diaries'

Anne Hathaway's pre-makeover Princess of Genovia from the 2001 Disney comedy got the royal treatment at NFHS.


5-Year-Old Cardi B Meme

One of the most popular memes of 2018 featuring the "Bodak Yellow" rapper got duplicated in a way that was far beyond just okurrr.


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

One student's homage to the Notorious RBG reigned supreme — and seriously ruled.


Wayne & Garth From 'Wayne's World'

Even some of the school's teachers got in on the fun, with two rocking their most excellent impressions of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey's characters from the 1992 comedy.


Cody Martin From 'The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody'

Even though Riverdale's Cole Sprouse bemoaned his lack of a future in the Disney series that costarred his brother Dylan, this NFHS scholar's effort shows she's destined for big things.


Dexter Reed From 'Good Burger'

Fans of Kenan Thompson and Kel Michell's 1997 comedy will flip for this Good Burger impression.


Ms. Frizzle From 'The Magic School Bus'

Take a lesson from the student who grabbed the wheel as the frizzy-haired cartoon educator. "As a woman intending to go into a STEM field, I love to see that kind of representation, especially in a kids' show," student Erin Sawyer told Bustle, of dressing as Ms. Frizzle. "Plus she's super positive and fun!"


Brick Tamland From 'Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy'

Carell made another appearance as his bespectacled, lamp-loving character from the 2004 comedy.


Michelle Tanner From 'Full House'

Thumbs up to the student who definitely "got it" as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's character from the fan-favorite family series.


Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes From TLC's "Creep" Music Video

In a sweet tribute to the late TLC singer, this teen didn't have to keep her duplicate look from the girl group's 1994 music video on the down low.


Numbuh 5 From 'Codename: Kids Next Door'

A strategically placed cap topped off this take on a character from the Cartoon Network animated series.


Hagrid From 'Harry Potter'

"Yer a wizard Harry!" read the caption from another senior who donned a fake beard to impersonate the Hogwarts giant.


Painter Bob Ross

Only a true artist could execute such a masterpiece in the image of the late TV painter.


A Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Meme

While the fanny pack didn't quite fit into the headshot's frame, the turtleneck and chain from The Rock's viral throwback photo was still on full display here.


A Foot

Well, that's definitely one way to show you're starting the school year by putting your best foot forward.


Michael Jackson

Nyla Weems told Bustle she got the inspiration to re-create the King of Pop's 1979 Off the Wall album cover look while shopping for Afro wigs with her mom at a local Party City.


Princess Leia From 'Star Wars'

The Force was strong with one student who channeled the late Carrie Fisher's iconic look.



This meme-worthy impersonation of Bad Girl RiRi was just so good.


Leslie Chow From 'The Hangover'


Holly Golightly From 'Breakfast At Tiffany's'

You can almost hear Hepburn singing "Moon River" after taking one look at Hall's recreation of an iconic scene from the 1961 classic.

It's no wonder these photos went viral. The North Farmington High School Class of 2019 certainly has some epic and unforgettable student IDs — and probably deserve some extra credit.