These Signs From London's Anti-Trump Protest Do Not Hold Back At All

by Caitlin Cruz
Jack Taylor/Getty Images News/Getty Images

President Donald Trump is on his first official visit to the United Kingdom since taking office in 2017. His first visit to the country was put on hold in 2017 when Trump said Prime Minister Theresa May that the didn't want to come if the British public didn't support him, according to The Guardian. How the tables have turned. Here are the best anti-Trump protest signs from the president's first visit.

The protesters have been a background since Trump got into the country on Thursday, according to NBC News. There will be dozens of anti-Trump demonstrations across the United Kingdom throughout Trump's four-day visit.

The protesters may not have been seen by Trump, who is visiting the United Kingdom with First Lady Melania Trump for a "working visit." The Trumps attended a gala on Thursday night, hosted by May and her husband, Philip May, at Blenheim Palace. On Friday afternoon, Trump will have tea with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle.

NBC News reported that the largest demonstration will be a march through central London, concluding with a large rally in Trafalgar Square on Friday night. The most memorable protest might just be the inflatable giant Trump Baby balloon that flew over Parliament Square in London on Friday.

Transforming The Most Beloved British Nanny

On Thursday afternoon, one protester tweeted a photo of their sign showing Trump as beloved nanny, Mary Poppins, complete with her umbrella that allows her to fly. The sign was a play on the song "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and read "Super-Callous-Fragile-Racist-Sexist-Nazi-Potus."

Those Grabbing Comments Aren't Going Away

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One protester wears a papier-mâché Donald Trump head, made to look like Trump is yelling. The protester is wearing an oversized navy suit and carrying a sign reading "Pussy Grabbing Pervert" at a protest in London on Friday.

This protester was surrounded by protesters dressed in serapes, and sombreros, with signs saying "Lock Him Up!" and "#DumpTrump."

See, More Grabbing Signs

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A protester outside of the U.S. ambassador's residence in London on Thursday wore a "I <3 Barack" t-shirt with a photo of former President Barack Obama. Their sign read: "Thick, Racist, Unpopular, Motherf*****, Pussy Grabber" in an acrostic poem spelling TRUMP.

"We Really Care; So Should You"

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First lady Melania Trump's jacket continues to make appearances at protests. She visited a detention center in McAllen, Texas, wwearing a Zara jacket with "I Really Don't Care, Do U?" on the back. This London protester on Friday wore a jacket that said "We Really Care So Should U."

The Cup Still Isn't Coming Home But This Sign Was Good

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A demonstrator in a bowler hat carried a sign about England's disappointing end at the World Cup at a protest in Trafalgar Square on Friday: "Trump—As Welcome As A World Cup 3rd Place Play-Off!"

England was defeated by Croatia in the semi-finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup and will be playing for what the BBC described as the "comparatively unappealing prospect" of finishing at best in third place. The English national team plays Belgium on Saturday.

When In The Land of Harry Potter...

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A protester on Thursday waved a Harry Potter-themed sign outside the U.S. ambassador's resident where Trump and Melania were staying. "That Hair Is A Horcrux," the sign read, referencing an object in which a witch or wizard hides a part of the soul to be immortal, from the best-selling Harry Potter series. The protester wore a t-shirt Harry Potter memorabilia with the Hogwarts crest and a hat in the Gryffindor colors.

Does This Look Like A Campaign Sign?

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At a Thursday demonstration outside the Winfield House — the London residence of US ambassador Woody Johnson, where President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump stayed — one demonstrator held a red, white, and blue sign that says "TRUMP FOR PRISON." It looks similar to Trump's campaign signs, stars and all.

There's also a more crude sign in white, reading, "PISS OFF" in the background.