These 'Mr. Robot' Season 4 Theories Tease A Lot Of Major Character Deaths

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With a lead character as suspicious and untrustworthy as Elliot Alderson, Mr. Robot has fueled fan theories for years. And though the final season has yet to start airing, there are already a number of Mr. Robot Season 4 theories on Reddit. Beyond the unreliable narrator of Elliot, showrunner Sam Esmail has intentionally turned Mr. Robot fans into conspiracy theorists. He packs the show with Easter eggs and references that only the most devoted viewers pick up on — and subsequently use to fuel their wildest speculations. Mr. Robot has proven over the years that no hunch is too outrageous, so the Reddit community is having one last hurrah ahead of the Season 4 premiere on Oct. 6.

The USA show is based on the streets of New York and the cyberspace of hacking. But Season 3 seemed to be veering into science fiction with time travel and parallel universe theories picking up steam due to Whiterose's machine. But whether you're for or against that new direction, there are a lot of other things to theorize about ahead of Season 4. Here are some of the most compelling ideas Redditors have floated thus far — with more assuredly to come as the season presses on.

Angela Will Die

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After learning E Corp CEO Phillip Price is her real father, Angela was not in a great place the last time we saw her. Many fans, including user cl4udia_kincaid, think Angela was killed immediately after her final Season 3 scene. It certainly doesn't help that Esmail tweeted about the Season 4 premiere, "There will be BIG spoilers almost immediately, so do not wait to watch it!!" Perhaps Angela's best hope is that this theory almost seems too obvious for Mr. Robot, so in another thread cl4udia_kincaid also theorized that Angela could fake her death.

Angela Will Die, But Then Return

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If you refuse to accept the fact that Angela might die, this theory may help. User lopsided_helicopter thinks that Angela may take her own life — but all in the belief that Whiterose's machine will give her life on the other side. That doesn't mean she will definitely live on, but the Redditor pointed out that members of the Dark Army have died by suicide, and it would add even more life and death stakes to the alternate universe theory.

Edward Is Still Alive

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Speaking of life and death, many users have considered that Elliot's father Edward is really still alive. Because Mr. Robot manifests as Christian Slater's Edward, Elliot often sees his father. But this theory from Bknapple wonders if Edward made a deal with Whiterose to save Darlene when she was kidnapped as a child. And since then, Edward has been secretly alive, working for Whiterose and helping Elliot along the way.

Darlene Will Die In A Plane Crash

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Another Alderson family member's fate that is being questioned is Darlene's. User signsandwonders believes that Darlene will die in a plane crash, largely based on the proximity of model planes next to her in certain shots over the seasons. This is certainly not out of the question since Whiterose had the last E Corp CEO killed, and signsandwonders thinks Dom may be in that plane with Darlene too.

The Dark Army Will Attack Dom's Family

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Even if she doesn't die in a plane crash with Darlene, things look bleak for Dom in the previews for Season 4. In this thread discussing a quick scene from the trailer, some Redditors were in agreement that it looks like the Dark Army will attack Dom and her family. Considering that Irving threatened Dom's family to force her into becoming the Dark Army's mole in the FBI, this seems less like a possibility and more like an inevitability.

Vera Never Killed Shayla

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According to Reddtior NoxSnow, one way to explain Vera approaching Darlene outside of Elliot's apartment in the last scene of the Season 3 finale is that Vera never killed Shayla and she's still alive. Clearly, characters being alive or dead is top of mind for fans — especially when their fate is dependent on how Elliot interprets things.

Whiterose's Experiment Caused Elliot's Mental Illness

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Elliot experiences a number of symptoms related to depression, dissociative identity disorder, and social anxiety disorder, and redditseph wondered if Elliot's mental illness was actually caused by Whiterose's project. Rather than the machine being able to time travel, it has made Elliot's Mr. Robot counterpart. If Whiterose considers this experiment on Elliot a success, it would help explain why Whiterose continues to keep Elliot alive.

Elliot Is The Master Manipulator

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E Corp and Whiterose are the main villains of the series, but RoboNas thinks that Mr. Robot could have a major twist ending where it's revealed that Elliot has been the bad guy all along. One hint that Elliot has been behind everything? The "E" in E Corp could stand for Elliot, as Jon1992L and RoboNas have noted.

These eight theories barely scratch the surface of what fans on Reddit believe could happen in Season 4, but one thing that most viewers can agree on is that Mr. Robot's final season will include at least one last big surprise.