'Bachelor' Nation Took Over Stagecoach & You NEED To See The Pictures

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Saddle up, Bachelor Nation! Because, if it's been a while since your last country music kick, these pictures of Bachelor alums at the Stagecoach Festival will probably have you wishing you could whip out the ol' riding boots and head-bop to that Keith Urban album you definitely forgot that you owned. In addition to several non-Bachelor celebrities who also shared snippets of their respective Stagecoach experiences on social media — the likes of whom included Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kendra Wilkinson, and Sophie Turner, according to a recent report from E! News — a handful of Bachelor fan favorites from seasons past shared photos from the festival on Instagram.

For any Bachelor aficionados who've been sleeping on this latest bout of country music news, here's the lowdown on the Stagecoach festival: Established in 2007, Stagecoach is basically Coachella's down-home, country-inspired younger cousin. (The festival quite literally takes place in Coachella's aftermath at the famed Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. For the record, Coachella also took place at the Empire Polo Club one week earlier.)

Two-time Bachelor contender Becca Tilley — whose most recent stint on the reality dating show played out during Ben Higgins' Bachelor season in 2016 — was looking especially sun-kissed at Stagecoach over the weekend. And per Tilley's string of Instagram posts on Saturday, April 28, it certainly looks like the fan-favorite Bachelor alum made the most of her time in the desert paradise.

In the second of two comparably sunny Instagram posts, Tilley shared a photo of herself clad in a sparkly high-waisted bikini, laughing heartily as she leaned against the trunk of a palm tree. And, as if that didn't already scream "Southern California music festival," the photo appears to have been taken on the grounds of some luxury golf course, whose rolling green hills set the backdrop for the summery image. Alluding to the post's geo-location tag, which reads "Palm Desert, California," Tilley went for some well-timed wordplay in her caption, writing, "If I had an ice cream cone, I'd caption this 'Palm Dessert.'"

Earlier Saturday afternoon, the former Bachelor star took to Instagram with her first Stagecoach post: a solo shot of herself flaunting a swanky pair of mirrored heels toward the camera as she lounged on some kind of tropical-looking lawn. "Ferris Wheel pic coming later," Tilley wrote, captioning the post, "STAY TUNED."

While Tilley's ardent Instagram following is still waiting on that "ferris wheel pic," the amusement park-style landmark (which has come to be regarded as a sort of staple of both Stagecoach and Coachella's desert festivals) did crop up on another Bachelor alum's Instagram page over the weekend. That alum was Vanessa Grimaldi, the show's season 21 winner, who recently revealed she's been dating a new guy in the aftermath of her split from ex-fiancé Nick Viall last August.

Much like Tilley, Grimaldi also chronicled her Stagecoach experience via Instagram over the weekend. In the first of two back-to-back Stagecoach-themed posts, the Bachelor star shared a fun snapshot of herself and friend Brandi Cyrus throwing up matching peace signs while standing in the foreground of the festival's now-iconic Ferris wheel.

The photo sees Grimaldi looking particularly enthused, donning a classic country-inspired ensemble (light-wash jeans with a tear at the knee, cowboy boots, a checkered flannel shirt, and a red handkerchief tied loosely around her neck) and an ostensibly exuberant smile. In captioning the picture, Grimaldi made sure to reference her enthusiasm about the weekend's country music ordeal. "Goes to @stagecoach once," Grimaldi wrote, penning the post's caption.

Several hours later, the reality star followed up her initial post with another photo that seems to embody the free-spirited tenor of a bona fide "Southern California music festival" weekend pretty accurately. The candid photo shows Grimaldi, mid-laugh, enjoying an electric-red Popsicle while sporting a matching Tommy Hilfiger undergarment set. What's more, she appears to be standing in some kind of desert-chic driveway that's full of colorful, lush foliage. (Seriously, this photo radiates good vibes.) "Tryna' stay cool in the desert heat," Grimaldi wrote, captioning the photo.

After tacking on a sequence of decidedly appropriate emojis to the end of the message (a peace sign and ferris wheel, respectively), Grimaldi also included some well-placed hashtags that'll probably resonate with many of the music festival's attendees: #blistersallovermyfeet and #imturningcountry. As Grimaldi's fellow Stagecoach enthusiasts could probably corroborate, it happens to the best of us.

Lauren Bushnell — who, as Bachelor Nation probably remembers, was actually the winner of Higgins' Bachelor season back in 2016, though the formerly engaged pair called it quits last May, about a year later — also apparently spent the weekend in SoCal celebrating country music's best. Providing fans with a little glimpse into what Bushnell's Stagecoach weekend looked like, the reality star shared a snapshot from the weekend's desert festivities with her social media following.

Captioning a sweet photo of herself posing alongside a friend clad in similarly sunny festival attire, Bushnell wished her pal a happy birthday with a simple message: "HBD QUEEN," she wrote. Judging by the BFFs' adorable embrace and Bushnell's ear-to-ear grin, it seems pretty safe to say the birthday celebration was a successful one.

Recent Bachelor in Paradise contestant Robby Hayes was also in attendance during the weekend's Stagecoach Festival. Captioning a photo of himself smiling alongside a group of four similarly-dressed guys, Hayes made use of a well-placed Garth Brooks quote: "'Cause I gottttt friendssss in low places,'" he wrote.

So, who else is just a little bit jealous that they too didn't spend this past weekend tapping along to Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban, and Garth Brooks with their favorite Bachelor alumni? Judging by the weekend's bout of Stagecoach-themed posts it seems pretty safe to say the multi-day country music celebration was one for the ages.