These 'Timeless' Theories Connect Lucy & Flynn

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While the Dec. 12 episode, "The Capture of Benedict Arnold," gave some pretty essential backstory about who Rittenhouse is, fans of NBC's time traveling series still have plenty of questions and theories about Timeless. With Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt returning with a new episode on Jan. 16 after the show's month-long hiatus, viewers will hopefully learn more about Rittenhouse's influence. Yet, what seems to intrigue fans even more than the secret organization is the dynamic between the three main time travelers and their part-time nemesis, part-time ally Garcia Flynn. As many of these Timeless theories show, audiences really want to know what the deal is with Lucy and Flynn.

The time traveling is certainly a big part of the allure of Timeless, but the characters and their relationships are what keep fans hooked. Whether it's wondering if Lucy and Wyatt will get together or how Flynn has Lucy's journal, these are the questions people want answers to. As a new character named Emma Whitmore will be introduced in the second part of Season 1 and Deadline wrote that she will be of "mysterious importance to Flynn," Timeless may give viewers a better understanding of Flynn's intentions. And if Timeless reveals the truth about whether Flynn is a good guy or a bad guy, the show should also reveal why he knows so damn much about Lucy's future.

So, in honor of its return, here are some of the most interesting theories about Timeless on the internet. While there is a lot to wonder about, you'll see how the number one thing people want to know is how Lucy and Flynn are connected.

Wyatt, Rufus, & Lucy Aren't In Our Timeline

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When Timeless began, most viewers just assumed that the world Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus live in is the same as our world — and time travel just happens to exist. But this writer for BuddyTV wondered if the timeline they live in has already been manipulated by Rittenhouse or possibly the government. If that's the case, Flynn may be from the correct timeline and is trying to bring back the world as it should be. The major flaw in this argument is that Lucy's knowledge of history matches real history, but it would be a major twist.

Flynn & Lucy Are Related

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Although theories that Flynn is Lucy's father were disproved by Lucy's alleged dad being a part of Rittenhouse, that hasn't stopped people considering that these two time travelers are related. People on Twitter and reddit have brought up the idea that Lucy could actually be Flynn's mother and that Flynn is her son from the future. That would help explain why Flynn has Lucy's journal.

Flynn Is Wyatt & Lucy's Son

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If you're into the theory that Flynn is Lucy's son, then you may be inclined to think Wyatt is his father, like some fans. However, the pilot episode did show that Flynn was born in Croatia in 1972. So for Flynn to be Lucy's child with anyone (admittedly, while this mucks up the theory, don't you think the actor Daniel DiTomasso, who plays Lucy's fiancé Noah, looks more like he could be Flynn's dad than Wyatt?), it seems that she would have had to time travel to 1970s Croatia to give birth to him. Yet again, this whole theory is a long shot, but Lucy could possibly hide her child in the past for his protection.

Flynn & Lucy Are Married

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Full disclosure: I don't really understand the logistics of this theory, but a Twitter fan page dedicated to Flynn actor Goran Visnjic suggested that Flynn is Lucy's husband from an original timeline. This sure is a different interpretation than Lucy being his mom.

There Are Two Versions Of Lucy

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You risk messing with your own timeline if you time travel, so what if another version of Lucy that is different from the Lucy audiences know happens in the future? This reddit thread points to how Lucy's journal could prove that another version of Lucy comes to be since Flynn noted there was a change in tone in her journal entries where she sounds more manic.

Wyatt's Wife Will Return

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What if Wyatt, Lucy, and Rufus go on a mission and when they return to the present, Wyatt's wife, Jessica, is surprisingly alive again? That's what WandersFar theorized could happen on a reddit thread. To pack the most drama in, Lucy and Wyatt would have to share another kiss (a real one this time) right before Jessica became miraculously alive again. This idea sure doesn't work for people who think Flynn could be Lucy and Wyatt's kid though.

With six episodes left in Season 1, maybe one of these theories will be proven to be accurate. And if not, Timeless better get renewed for a Season 2 so that these theories were not created in vain.