6 Of The Most Bizarre Internet Theories About The Kardashian Babies

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From the time the earliest buzz of the Kardashian pregnancies first broke, the whole situation was shrouded in mystery — until Kim and Khloé finally came clean that they were both expecting. But during that time when everything was still a big question mark, fans were left to fill in the blanks themselves. So many bizarre theories about the Kardashian babies have come up during this time, and even though some questions about these pregnancies have been answered, plenty of theories still remain (even if some of them now aren't totally relevant anymore).

Obviously, a few things have changed since the rumors began at the end of 2017. Kim confirmed that her surrogate is expecting, and her baby has since been born, and Khloé is now openly talking about the fact that she's expecting her first baby with boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Even so, Kylie Jenner still isn't admitting to anything. Kylie, Kim, and Khloé should be entitled to as much privacy as they choose to have during such an important time in their lives, but that doesn't always happen with a family as famous as this one.

Here are some of the weirdest theories people have come up with about the Kardashian babies. Most of them are completely impossible — and a lot of them will have you questioning how anyone could even come up with this stuff — but they're out there.

Khloé Is Planning To Claim Kylie's Baby As Her Own

Fans have been wondering why Kylie still hasn't confirmed or denied the reports that she is pregnant, and this theory attempts to answer that question. Despite the fact that Khloé has been showing off her baby bump lately, could she be faking her pregnancy so that when Kylie's baby is born, she'll pretend to be his or her mother? It's a stretch, but it would be wild if this was true — especially since we've actually seen Khloé's bump.

Scott Disick Fathered All The Children

Being that there's been so much mystery around, it's not surprising that theories like this one have appeared out of nowhere. Since Scott was constantly rumored to be getting romantically involved with Kourtney's sisters — rumors that seem unequivocally false, if you've even watched KUWTK just once in your life — this is one way to explain why they've stayed so secretive. Could you imagine the sheer chaos that would ensue if Disick was actually fathering all of these children?

Kylie Was Actually Kim's Surrogate

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What if Kylie has been in hiding for so long because she was actually carrying Kim's baby? This has been one of the biggest conspiracy theories to emerge since these rumors started last fall. There's one giant hole in this one, though, now: Kim has confirmed that she and Kanye West went through an agency to find their surrogate, so this theory is 100 percent false.

Kim Confirmed All Of The Pregnancies A Long Time Ago

Back in September, Kim posted this photo on Instagram of herself, Kylie, and Khloé, captioned, "the three of us." Cute sister pic, or a hint that the three women in the photo are pregnant? Knowing this family, it wouldn't be surprising at all if they'd dropped subtle hints that fans missed the first time around — and it would also be crazy to think that the answer to all these pregnancy questions was right under everyone's nose the entire time.

Kylie Has Already Given Birth

Some fans think that Kylie may have secretly already had her baby and is laying low until she's ready to announce that the baby has been born. It wouldn't be surprising if she wanted that level of privacy, but according to reports that have surfaced over the last few months, Kylie reportedly isn't due until February. And although it seems to be relatively easy to keep a pregnancy under wraps, it would probably be difficult to hide a birth, making this theory really hard to swallow.

Kylie Is Planning To Place Her Baby For Adoption

Another theory says that the reason Kylie is keeping things quiet is because she isn't planning to keep her baby after he or she is born. It would make sense, but again, early reports have stated that Kylie is super excited about having a baby, so maybe this one is stretching things a little far. The idea of placing a baby for adoption isn't bizarre, but the fact that fans are reading this much into her not coming out and talking about her pregnancy in public? Yeah, that's where it gets bizarre.

These theories are way out there, but it's fun to think about the possibilities. Fingers crossed all will be revealed soon — and with that, we all need tons of baby pictures.