You Can Now Buy An Anti-Boob Sweat Device & How It Works Is Actually So Surprising

young african american woman in sweaty shirt holding air conditioner remote controller

Summer 2019 is seeing the temperatures absolutely soar across Europe. I mean, guys. It's effing sweltering. Hot steamy summers are always something to look forward to, enjoy for a minute, and then whine about for the rest of the time. Because yeah yeah yeah, summer is lovely, but its effects are not. Being too warm, feeling gross, being constantly covered in a film of sweat. Fighting off awkward sweat patches is always a bit of a bind so this new anti boob sweat device is about to stop your boobies from sweating and make for a comfier time for bra wearers.

The invention, from post-pregnancy shape-wear brand Belly Bandit is called the Don't Sweat It bra liner. And guys, it is kind of a genius device. The idea is that it is a soft liner that sits just under your bra and prevents perspiration. The brand's website describes the product as being a bit of a game changer for those afflicted by sweaty boobs in summer climes:

"It's time to cut the B.S. — Boob Sweat, that is! Our Don't Sweat It bra liners minimise the effects of unsightly and uncomfortable under-boob perspiration. Simply slide our discreet liner beneath the bottom of your bra and say goodbye to wet clothes and irritated skin. Our soft, viscose from bamboo material gently absorbs moisture while moving with your body. Any size, any age or any activity—these sweat soakers are the perfect way to stay dry and comfortable around the clock."

This product is 100% the kind of thing that you think: what sort of insane genius came up with this product? I mean this is series news for anyone who has accidentally worn a grey top on a hot steamy day and ended up with what looks like a smily face across their boobs. I mean if you wear grey on a hot day then there is literally no hope for you at all.

Items like this boob sweat quenching piece of fabric are an absolute must for people who are trying to do anything that includes being in public and not naked. Especially, god forbid, taking the London underground, which has recorded temperatures as high as 31% in 2018. Considering the soaring temperatures across the UK this summer, that might be rivalled before you know it.

Another heat-related issue affecting many is the dreaded chub rub. You might know it as chafing, or just as that horrifically painful rash that appears on your thighs during hot weather. The one that makes you walk around as though you are in need of the toilet or are, in fact, John Wayne. But, fear not, there are lots of garment and topical options available on the market that make the whole sordid issue considerably easier to deal with.

Of course the main thing to remember on these long, hot days is that your general wellbeing is paramount and not to forget self care. Remember to stay hydrated and keep yourself slathered in SPF.