You Can Buy A 'Beauty & The Beast' Picnic Set Tailor-Made For Grownup Fans

Hot Topic

This. Is. Too. Wholesome. For. Words. I don't even know how to introduce a thing of such cuteness. Imagine a summer's day — and yes, there are cakes involved. Grass, flowers, sunshine, and all of the makings of a perfect picnic are there. What could make this day better? A Beauty and the Beast picnic basket, that's what. And now Hot Topic has decided to make that dream a reality.

And it's fancy as anything. This basket includes a "deluxe service for two" — with real plates, silverware, and everything you need. It has classic Beauty and the Beast imagery all over it, so you're sure to feel like you're living in your own little fairytale. But just be warned, if you start to belt out "Tale as old as a time..." in the middle of a crowded park, people will stare. I've learned this the hard way.

The basket itself is made of 100% willow, which I'm assuming is just as fancy as that sounds. But all of this luxury doesn't come cheap — it retails for $212.90. That is both a very specific price and also a specifically high price — but is it too much to pay for a lifetime of memories!? Well, maybe. I don't know what your memories budget looks like. But I do know that this is basically a shortcut to making your Disney princess dream a reality.

If you're a Disney fan, it's easy to get carried away — because you could genuinely bury yourself in merch of all shapes and sizes. While this picnic basket is something pretty special, it's also clear that it could be out of a lot of people's price range — that's totally OK. There is so much more Disney-filled fun to be had.

First of all, there's plenty of other Beauty and the Beast kitchenware, like this Lumiere tumbler and Belle mug on shopDisney. And outside of that, the Disney Christmas ornaments have already dropped this year and there is so much to choose from. You can go for more expensive ornaments and legit create a family heirloom or you can stock up on some of the cheaper options — the choice is yours. But that's just the beginning of what shopDisney, the home of all things that are made of happiness, has to offer. The Oh My Disney: Disney Dogs collection pays to tribute to man's best friend (and the best Disney sidekicks you could ever want). Oh — and we can't forget that the Lion King remake staring our lord and savior Beyonce is currently in actual movie theaters.

Of course, you may want to just go and experience the joy for yourself — I'm not talking movies, I'm talking right in the middle of a park, surrounded by the gods and goddesses of Disney. Disney parks can bring joy and happiness to everyone, in fact they've recently released a Disney park vegan eating guide, which is like music to my vegan ears. And don't forget, you can now get your butt down to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and while away the hours at the Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu.

Whether you love spending time in the parks, reveling in the remakes, or just filling your home with little touches, there are so many ways to be an active part of Disney fandom and show your love. The Beauty and the Beast picnic basket is definitely a charming choice if you got some money to spend — think of it as an investment. An investment in your future happiness.