You Can Buy A "Calming Collar" For Your Dog That Makes Soothing Noises

Urban Outfitters

Self-care just entered a whole new world — because now you, a happy and proud pet owner, can provide a little self-care time for your pooch. I'm not talking about a doggy spa (though that is definitely a thing). I'm talking about a calming collar for dogs. The new Pet Acoustics Ultra Calmer Collar, available at Urban Outfitters, will help your pup chill out and relax, wherever you are.

"Calm your furry friend when stress hits with this innovative collar by Pet Acoustics," the description explains. "Woven webbing collar features an adjustable fit and buckled clip closure, featuring a sonic device that emits calming noise." I'm assuming that's a calming noise that only dogs can hear — or else the little gadget could become very annoying in a hurry — but some pet owners take their dog's comfort and relaxation very seriously, so it's easy to see why this would be a winner.

The collar comes in at 100 bucks, so it is not cheap. But if you have a dog who really struggles in busy situations or just seems to be a bit of an anxious pup, it might be worth it. Some dogs get easily overwhelmed or might have traumatic pasts, so anything that can help soothe them might make a huge difference. It comes in three different sizes, so should be able to benefit big and small pooches alike. They all deserve their zen moment, so now is the time.

If you're a type-A pet owner — or just someone who is set on spoiling the hell out of your pet — it seems like there are new ways to give your dog the A-list treatment every single day. The new Oh My Disney: Disney Dogs collection lets you not only match with your pooch, but get them some adorable toys decorated with Disney's most fabulous canines. Of course, if you really like the idea of dressing up your pup then the amazing Demogorgon dog costume from Etsy can take your pet and turn it into an adorable (but not at all scary) monster.

If you really want to spoil your dog, there are plenty of ways to do that — from a doggy spa to a doggy massage to fancy dog beds which look far more elaborate than anything I've ever slept in. Let's face it — millennials can't afford children so we're just spoiling the hell out of our pups instead. Science.

Then again, you might want your dog to pull its own weight for once — that's totally OK too. Get them a little backpack for dogs and let them help you out for a change, by carrying some precious cargo on a walk or a hike. There's no reason that you should be doing all of the caring, you know — I'm sure your doggo would love to give you a helping hand.... erm, paw.

If you have an anxious pup or a rescue dog who sometimes needs a bit of soothing, it might be tricky to figure out exactly what your dog needs — or always being there to give it to them. Hopefully inventions like the Pet Acoustics Ultra Calmer Collar can help your pet relax and, ultimately, feel more safe and secure in stressful situations. It may be expensive, but if it does the job for your pet then it might be worth it.