This New Dating App Feature Will Make It Easier To Talk To Your Crush

by Kristine Fellizar

One of the issues you can run into with online dating is that you can like a bunch of people, match with them, but never get a chance to actually talk to them for whatever reason. Since you're constantly being introduced to new faces through dating apps, a really good match can easily get away. But thankfully, Happn, the app practically made for missed connections, has launched a new feature called CrushTime. So now you can have a second chance at making things happen.

If you don't already use Happn, or haven't really gotten into it, what sets it apart from the rest of the dating apps out there is its use of GPS to give you a list of potential matches. These are people you've crossed paths with throughout your day. It could be people you pass on the street going to work, people at the coffee place where you get your afternoon pick-me up, or even people vacationing at the same resort as you this summer. Like other dating apps, you would then secretly like a person's profile. If they like you back, it becomes a "Crush" and you can start talking. Essentially, it's a way to connect with that cute stranger you never got a chance to talk to.

But like I said earlier, even cute strangers can have a way of getting lost on dating apps. With their newly launched feature, CrushTime, you might not have to worry about that anymore. Here's what you need to know about Happn's latest feature:

CrushTime Will Increase Your Chances Of Crushing With Someone You Actually Like

There are 33 million Happn users around the globe. If you're located in a major city like NYC that has one million users, looking through so many profiles and deciding which ones you like can be overwhelming. But with CrushTime, they narrow down those choices for you so your chances of making a "Crush" happen are a lot higher.

The Feature Will Pop Up When You Least Expect It

Since it's not a feature that you can activate whenever you feel like it, the randomness of it makes it so much more interesting. If you're actively using dating apps throughout the day, it definitely gives you something new to look forward to.

It'll Show You A Limited Number Of Profiles

Courtesy of Happn

Once you've started the game, the app will show you only four profiles that you've crossed paths with. As you can see, all profiles can be seen on one screen. That way playing the game and making a choice becomes a lot easier.

You Get To Play A Quick Game Of "Guess Who?" To See Who Likes You

One of those four is a guaranteed "Crush," so can use your intuition and make your choice. Besides, it's always nice knowing someone out there "likes" you. Adding in a guessing game just makes it a little more fun.

If You Guess Correctly, You Can Start Chatting

If you pick incorrectly, it's totally OK. It's just not a mutual like. But according to Happn, if your intuition is right, you can start chatting in-app with your new crush.

CrushTime is the latest feature to be added onto the app. Other features include "See You There", which allows spontaneous users to arrange a quick date, and Voice, which allows people to record and send one-minute audio clips. So even with a gimmick on their own, it's cool to see happn adding new things to keep the app fresh for users.

But just remember, with any dating app you choose to use, it's just another way to meet people. The major goal is, of course, to take it offline and meet up for real. Dating apps like Happn do try to make that easier for you with their many features. So if you end up crushing on someone who likes you back, don't be afraid to make something happen.