This 'Game Of Thrones' Theory About Samwell Tarly Would Actually Make Him The Hero

Helen Sloan/HBO

At this point, you've probably heard all the Azor Ahai theories you can possibly imagine. If you believe the rumors, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Tyrion and Gendry are all Azor Ahai. But, there's a new Game Of Thrones Season 8 fan theory about Samwell Tarly potentially being Azor Ahai you need to read. Yes, Jon Snow's righthand man could very well be the Prince Who Was Promised, if you believe this GOT fan. And let's be honest, who doesn't want to see Sam play the hero in Season 8?

Esquire pointed out, that one fan is making the case that Sam shouldn't be overlooked in this final season. That's because there are clues that he could very well be the reincarnated version of Azor Ahai, who saved the world from the White Walkers with help from his sword, the Lightbringer.

Sam doesn't usually carry a sword; more likely, he's got a book in his hand. But his lineage could explain why that is his greatest strength. As Esquire points out, there's a Reddit fan theory that Samwell is actually a secret Targaryen, which could be the hint of his heroic fate. This theory by Reddit user MrSilenceT claims that Sam is the child of Rhaegar and Elia Martell, his first wife with whom his marriage was annulled, and his real name is Prince Aegon Targaryen. That might not mean much, if author George R.R. Martin hadn't already teased that Aegon is the Prince Who Was Promised.

Helen Sloan/HBO.

"Aegon. What better name for a king," Rhaegar tells Elia in Martin's book. "He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire." The Redditor explains that to protect this baby after the Targaryens lost the Iron Throne, Varys brought him to "be fostered by one of the strongest and most faithful supporters of the Targaryen reign, to the man that had inflicted Robert [Baratheon] his only defeat at the Battle of Ashford, Lord Randyll Tarly."

While Randyll Tarly was a fighter, his little outcast of a "son" is so not. This Redditor thinks that's because Sam's more like his real father, from whom he got his "love for books and songs instead of his ability for battle." From his mom, Elia, he "inherited his mother's Dornish looks and most of her character: kind and clever, with a gentle heart and a sweet wit." These characteristics is what makes him a good hero, not to mention the obvious choice for the third rider of Dany's dragon.

The answer to that question is also tied to the Azor Ahai theory, in that the rider of one of Daenerys' dragons is believed to be the Prince That Was Promised. As of now, Daenerys and Jon Snow, who it's been revealed is also, yes, Aegon Targaryen, are riding those dragons and if Sam is who this Redditor thinks he is, he's the obvious choice for the third rider. So, possibly, the reveal that Sam is a secret Targaryen could be a solve two theories with one character situation.

If those clues seem a little flimsy to you, there's another clue, a rather meta one that could reveal Sam's pivotal role in the final season. According to MrSilenceT, at the end of the series, Samwell Tarly will reportedly be played by Martin, himself. "Therefore ladies and gentlemen," MrSilenceT wrote, "George is the true prince that was promised and his book is the song of Ice and Fire!"

Fans will have to wait until 2019 to know just what Sam's role in the final season is. But if he does end up being the Prince Who Was Promised, you can bet fans will be very happy to see Sam get a heroic ending.