You Can Take Your Whole Squad To This 'Golden Girls'-Themed Airbnb

Thank YOU for being a friend. The famous TV show Golden Girls has a huge following — even among people who were barely alive when the final episode aired in 1992. The trials and tribulations of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia brought out a cult-like loyalty in fans from all generations — and now, thanks to the magic of the internet, you can stay in the Golden Girls Guesthouse on Airbnb.

This house in Oklahoma is located directly across from the childhood home of one of the cast members — who played a certain fan favorite with a whole lot of attitude.

"Located at the very foot of the Arbuckle Mountains in Southern Oklahoma, is the childhood home of Rue McClanahan," the listing explains. "You may know her better as Blanche from the Golden Girls. And just across the street is the Golden Girl Guest House. Perfect for Girls Getaway weekends or just a fun, quirky place to stay while you visit Ardmore, Oklahoma."

Not only that, the house have some major ties to the actual home of Rue McClanahan. "Owned and operated by Lori and Jeddie Harrison who actually live IN the childhood home, the guest house was their starter home when they got hitched back in 1998," the listing says. So you'll feel very close to the action indeed.

This rental has three bedrooms and sleeps six — though you'll be sharing one bathroom — and is decked out with a lot of florals, so there's definitely a little Golden Girls flavor to the home. Searching for September dates, it's listed for $230 a night — not too bad when you share it between six. Now just to grab some of your friends, get a little tipsy and say some scathing, then in the end have it all wrapped up in a neat little bow as you sing, "THANK YOUUUUU FOR BEING A FRIEND".

Airbnb has no shortage of weird and wonderful adventures, if you're looking for a totally unique getaway. Seriously, they have something for everyone. You can stay in a Game of Thrones-themed Airbnb or you can stay in a working alpaca ranch. You can stay in a haunted Airbnb or you can stay in Bella Swan's house from Twilight. There are so many different experiences to be had — my personal favorite is probably the "Play Mermaid For A Day" option, which lets you do... well, exactly what it says it does.

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Which Golden Girl star speaks to your soul? Whether you're a Dorothy, a Rose, a Blanche, or a Sophia, there's a reason this show has inspired such a loyal following. And if you really want to get close to where it all began, the Golden Girls Guesthouse is your chance. And I'm sure by the time you leave you'll be wondering — in the words of Blanche herself — "Isn't it amazing how I can feel so bad, and still look so good?" It's the Golden Girls way.