This 'Halloweentown' Reunion Photo Is A '90s Kid's Halloween Dream Come True

It's that time of year again: For one magical weekend in St. Helens, Oregon, Halloweentown becomes real, but this year is even more magical than usual. Kimberly J. Brown posted a Halloweentown reunion photo on Instagram from the event that includes her cast mates J. Paul Zimmerman, Judith Hoag, Robin Thomas, and, it appears, Emily Marie Roeske (the former child actor who played Marnie's kid sister isn't tagged in the photo, but she is on the guest list for this year's event). According to Brown, this is the first time the group has been together since the Disney Channel original movie was released 20 years ago.

Brown captioned the photo:

"The Cromwell's and Kalabar are making nice today to meet some fans This is the first time we’ve all been together since we filmed #halloweentown 20 yrs ago!"

The only member of the Cromwell family who is missing is the great Debbie Reynolds, who sadly passed away in 2016. Reynolds played Aggie, the grandmother to Brown's Marnie, Roeske's Sophie, and Zimmerman's Dylan. Aggie's love for Halloween is what leads Marnie and her siblings to get in touch with their magical roots. As such, there's no doubt that Reynolds' memory is being well-represented at the event as her cast mates unite to celebrate the classic film's 20th anniversary.

Seeing the Cromwell family all grown up and reunited with the man who played the wicked Kalabar is enough to give '90s kids everywhere a serious case of the feels. Thomas' Kalabar may have scared you when you were little, but there's something undeniably charming about seeing the heroes of Halloweentown making nice with the film's villain.

After all of this time, Halloweentown is still a must-watch Halloween movie, and the cast, as well as the town of St. Helens, have done an amazing job of keeping the love alive. Thomas shared a video on his own Instagram page to give fans who couldn't attend the annual event a sneak peek at the start of the festivities.

See? Kalabar is scary, but Thomas is a total gem, who appears to love Halloweentown just as much as you do. However, it's Brown, who inspired so many young kids to embrace the things they love with the character of Marnie, who seems to be extra dedicated to making sure that Halloweentown continues to endure. Before heading off to St. Helens for the weekend, the actor shared a throwback photo from the movie's set that will warm your heart. She captioned the image of her and her TV mom:

"#flashbackfriday to the set of #halloweentown in St Helens, Oregon w/ @heyjude629. We and the rest of the cast are heading back to @spiritofhalloweentown tomorrow to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the movie! Can’t wait to see everyone there. #halloweentown20 #spiritofhalloweentown"

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since the Cromwell family landed on Disney. What was Halloween even like before Halloweentown? There's no doubt this special DCOM added extra magic to the holiday.

Even if you couldn't make it to the official Halloweentown celebration this year, you have to admit that seeing the cast back together again is a treat that's even sweeter than candy corn.