You Can Buy A Pool Float That Basically Turns You Into Hello Kitty

by Brittany Bennett
Get Floaty

If your summer itinerary includes "relax at beach" and "relax at pool," you'll want more than just a towel to lounge on. As cute as beach towels can be, the pool float is shaping up to be the 2019 throne of summer. You're not styling until you're rocking an inflatable, and this Hello Kitty pool float will make sure your style stays afloat this summer.

We are nearing opening day of your best friend's family's pool and while it's fun to cannonball into the deep end, your energy may be more aligned with lounging. That doesn't mean you're bound for the poolside patio. With the super cute Hello Kitty Tube, you can be in the pool by being on it.

A circular, white tube complete with cat ears and Hello Kitty's famous red bow, this tube will match — and accentuate — your cutest bathing suits. If you want minimal interaction with chlorine, you can use the tube to float on it. But if you want the best of both worlds, you can simply use the Hello Kitty Tube as something to hold onto while you swim around. The Hello Kitty Tube is available through Get Floaty and retails for $34.99.

You won't have to wait what feels like 10 years to get it inflated. The Hello Kitty Tube comes with a "magical" double valve that allows it to inflate in three minutes. All you need is an air mattress pump or a hairdryer. And when your day at the pool is complete? A hands-free deflation is all it takes to get all the air out so you'll be on your way from pool party to dinner party in no time. The tube is Soft Touch Vinyl, is non-phthalate, and is absent of BPA, so you can enjoy a kitty-themed luxurious float.

Floating side by side with your drink of choice is the ultimate way to relax this summer. Thank goodness then that Get Floaty thought about that While the Hello Kitty Tube doesn't have a built in cup holder you can purchase Hello Kitty Bow Cupholders separately. Two Hello Kitty Bow Cupholders retail for $14.99 and are the perfect "boat" for your lemonade.

Pool floats don't stop at Hello Kitty. Expand your pool storage room's horizon with an assortment of trendy floats. The Waffle Pool Float from Target measuring in at 56 in. long, is the perfect summer accessory for a floating foodie. It seems like there's a pool float for everyone. If you're a Game of Thrones fan, the Dragon Floats from GoFloats will extend the GoT vibe long after the winter is over. And if you're emotionally invested in sloths, there's the Sloth-Shaped Pool Float that can actually hug you. The sloth's arm serves two purposes. Besides hugging you, it also acts as a cup holder.

This summer is shaping up to be all about the pool float. Slip into your into your suit and slide onto your Hello Kitty Tube. It's time to start checking "relax on pool" off your summer itinerary.