This Is Jaclyn Hill's Favorite Shade In Her Morphe Palette

Most things involving beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill gets makeup lovers excited. And I mean really, really excited. Whether it's a crazy popular highlighter (Champagne Pop forever), or a long-awaited eyeshadow palette, like Hill's newest collaboration with Morphe, fans of both makeup in general and Jaclyn Hill specifically pretty much lose their sh*t. And I can't blame them. Hill is one of the most popular beauty YouTubers for a reason. She's relatable, down to earth, and fun to watch. Plus, after the crazy success and fanfare around her collaboration with BECCA, one can only assume any other Jaclyn Hill-approved product would be equally as high quality.

Hill tells me in an that while each individual collaboration is like a "child" to her, this palette is going to be something special — and she couldn't be more excited to share it with her fans. "I would not be here without my subscribers. It is always about my subscribers. Everything I do," Hill tells me over email. "I teamed up with Morphe to create something beautiful and custom, but still affordable for the women and men who have supported me through his journey."

So while Hill certainly isn't choosing a favorite brand collaboration any time soon, she was able to tell me what her favorite shade in her new palette is — even though she admits it's a really hard question.

"I worked so hard on the shade 'Obsessed' and it kind of became my baby throughout the process," Hill says. "But honestly I think [my favorite is] 'Hunts' because Linda [Tawil, co-owner of Morphe Cosmetics] made it a reality. I was about to pull the color because it wasn’t right, and she took matters into her own hands and made it better than I could have ever imagined."

While the palette has everything from nudes and warm tones to bright, saturated blues and greens, "Hunts" in particular is a gorgeous shade of orange. In her first tutorial video with the palette (above), Hill actually uses it in the look and describes it as a "rich, deep, and gorgeous." Another thing to note about "Hunts" is that it's so saturated that "a little goes a long way," as Hill says in her video.

Whether you want a more subtle smoky eye or a "hot fire" look like Hill demonstrates in her tutorial, "Hunts" might just become your favorite shade, too.