This Is What People Perceive As Your Biggest Character Flaw, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

It's always fun to learn about the positive qualities associated with each zodiac sign. But, in a way, it's almost more interesting to learn more about the negative qualities, as well as what's your biggest character flaw, based on your sign in order to glean further insight into ourselves and how the world may see us.

"Every sign is going to have their positive and negative traits," life coach and astrologer Joshua MacGuire tells Bustle. He says that, when these traits are taken to the extreme — and believe it or not, this happens more often with positive traits — they can start to rub people the wrong way. So it's important to be aware of these extremes, and do what we can to balance them out. And that, in turn, can mean getting along more harmoniously in relationships, and in life in general.

"It's all about [being aware] of how our strengths can sometimes be taken too far and become liabilities, [and then balancing] them," MacGuire says. "It's all about awareness and a desire to offer the best you you can be."

That being said, it's always important to remember that not everyone will identify completely with their sign. Although different zodiac signs have different attributes, not all characteristics may pertain to you. Instead, the zodiac should be used as a guide to help with self-reflection, and offer further insights into the qualities you do identify with.

Here are the character flaw that's most common for each zodiac sign, plus a few tips on how to work on it, according to astrologers.