This Built-In Karaoke Mic For Your Phone Is The Ultimate Party Hack

It's time to annoy some neighbors. Kidding — please don't annoy your neighbors, but you can have a lot of fun with this new gadget designed to get the party started. This amazing karaoke microphone for phones basically turns your smartphone into its own mini karaoke booth — but even fancier.

Available at Urban Outfitters, this little $30 microphone does it all. Not only does it pair with your phone for epic karaoke sing-offs, it also has recording and remix options which sound, well, incredibly tempting and potentially humiliating.

"Karaoke whenever, wherever with this microphone, featuring a built-in phone holder to pick your song and display the lyrics so you can belt it out," the description explains. "Remix your sound, scan for songs and record your epic performance — this wireless mic does it all." Seriously — it does seem to do a lot of things, most of which I don't understand but am intrigued by. And it's a whole lot of fun for the price.

You can get this little beauty in black, gold, or, of course, rose gold — because millennials on high have decreed that all gadgets must have a rose gold option. But most importantly, it's so portable and small that you can easily bring the party with you, whether you're heading to a barbecue, a birthday party, your Aunt Karen's divorce signing — wherever things need a little lift.

If you're looking for ways to make your summer epic, then a karaoke microphone is definitely a step in the right direction. But, let's be honest, not everyone revels in the embarrassment of karaoke — but luckily there are lots of other ways to celebrate if you don't feel like belting out "My Heart Will Go On".

If you'd rather take a more laid-back approach but still ooze with style, you can get a 90s-inspired glittery inflatable pool chair perfect for lounging in the pool. Don't have a pool? Don't worry, you can get one of them, too. Target's inflatable pools only cost $40 and come in so many amazing designs perfect for getting your summer vibe on (and looking great on your Instagram).

Or, if you're more focused on the culinary delights of summer, there are plenty of ways to up your barbecue game. You can get an incredible fruit slicer which makes dishing up a watermelon a breeze, you can get yourself a clear plastic purse full of prosecco (that doubles as a cooler, thank you very much), and you can even ensure that you are the coolest kid in town with a bow-shaped Hello Kitty water bottle — which will help you stay hydrated and feel very hip indeed. Summer is the season of fun, so you might as well push the boat out.

And if you're really into karaoke, this karaoke mic makes life a whole lot easier. While in days of yore you might have gone to a karaoke bar or gotten one of those huge machines for your home, this microphone makes it so darn easy.

Just be warned, people who really love karaoke can take it very seriously — my friend spent years in a competitive karaoke league which is a real thing where they do not mess around. So just know if you pull this little microphone out, you may be in it for the long haul. Now cue up "Total Eclipse of the Heart" for me.