This Waterproof Purse Was Designed To Hold 6 Bottles Of Prosecco


Well, this is almost offensively delightful. If you have a prosecco lover in your life — or you are the prosecco lover in your life — then there's a gift out there that's so decadent, so perfectly summer, it's kind of hard to say no to. You can now get a six-pack prosecco purse. That's right, a handbag designed to carry six mini bottles of prosecco — The Ruffino Prosecco Six-Pack — is here to make your summer extraordinary indeed.

This little see-through number is a mash-up between Ruffino and Brooklyn-based designer StickyBaby. The bag holds six 187-milliliter mini bottles of Ruffino Prosecco — perfect for you and five friends or just two of you who really want to make a day of it. Basically, this bag was designed with summer fun in mind.

"This custom bag from Brooklyn-based designer StickyBaby makes toting your favorite bubbly around town both easy and chic, with movable inserts to hold six mini bottles of Ruffino Prosecco for you and your friends," the description explains. "Bursting with the bright, fruity flavors of summer, Ruffino Prosecco pairs perfectly with sunny getaways and spontaneous picnics in the park. Bonus: it’s waterproof, so just toss in some ice to keep things chilly."

That's right, it's a purse and a cooler, what more could you want? What I'm hearing, is that when you drink the prosecco you can use this purse to hold pints of ice cream — just sayin'.

The one problem? The purse went on pre-sale on the Reserve Bar website and is currently sold-out — because it is a so clearly a work of genius — but we can only hope they replenish stocks soon so you can get your summer really started. When it's for sale, the bag retails at $100 — for the purse and the mini-bottles, of course. For some reason, six cans of beer in a plastic shopping bag just doesn't have the same level of chic, am I right? Especially because my plastic bag inevitably has a hole in it and then I'm just trailing cans and lose gummy bears wherever I go. The summer dream.

Of course, if you can't wait until the six-pack purse comes back in stock, there are plenty of ways to get your bubbly on this summer. You could go with Aldi's Mango Mimosa bottles — which do all of the work for you by being a damn mimosa in a bottle. You can opt for some Pearsecco — which seems like part pear, part prosecco, but actually a cider, in a weird twist of fate. Or you can just go full millennial with the Malibu Strawberry Spritz — a cocktail in a bottle which is both pink and fizzy, in accordance with millennial law.

If you want something a little more down to earth, then there's the Angry Orchard's Spritz Rose Hard Cider — which is a perfect option for picnics and barbecues. If you want to enjoy a summer tipple, there is no shortage of summer options.

I have to say that The Ruffino Prosecco Six-Pack is the fanciest summer drink choice I've heard of for a long time but, as we await a restock of their delicious, classy bottle of genius, we can definitely make do. Summer is a time of drinking innovation — and I'll cheers to that.