This KKW Beauty Concealer Hack Uses Concealer To Prime Lashes & It's Kim K Approved

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Concealer is one of those work horse products that's inside of everyone's makeup bags — it doesn't just have one use. It might have originally been created to spot treat certain areas that foundation wasn't able to buff away, but it has evolved into so much more than that. Kim Kardashian revealed she uses concealer to prime her lashes, and you'll never be able to do your eye makeup without your favorite concealer stick again. Your little tube is about to get a whole lot more use.

Seeing how Kardashian has recently dropped a whole line of concealer kits, it's no surprise that she's sharing tips on how to use them in innovative ways. The more uses they have, the more you'll want them! But her mascara suggestion was truly inspired and out-of-the-box.

She dropped the hot tip on her app, where she posted an article entitled "7 Genius Ways to Use Concealer." While it's no secret that the entrepreneur loves to use her concealer to contour and brighten her under eye, she did surprise her readers by also sharing that she uses the product on her lashes.

"If you don't have a volumizing mascara on hand, like my $6 fav, you can prime your eyelashes with a few coats of concealer," Kardashian shared. "Apply it onto a small brush and brush through your lashes. Wait for it to set, then apply your mascara. Instant length and volume!"

Honestly, who would have known. Rather than splurging money on a lash primer, you can just sign your concealer up for double duty and save yourself anywhere between $10 and $20.

It also sounds like this is a great trick to use if you have a mascara product that doesn't seem to meet your standards when it comes to length and volume. We all have those rash decision items we purchased while bored at the drugstore, only to find out they don't work on our own lashes or faces. But instead of tossing them out, this trick might just solve their lackluster performance.

Since Kardashian said that she uses this trick when she doesn't have her trusty volumizing product at hand, you can probably use this hack to see if you could amp up a poorly-performing mascara tube. It could just save you from tossing a barely-used product in the trash.

She goes on to share that she also loves to use it as a tool to clean up and sharpen her eyebrows after she has filled them in, as well as an eyeshadow primer to help her colors stay on longer. But an interesting disclaimer for the eyeshadow primer tip: Many people like to set their primer with translucent powder in order to nix oil buildup and to avoid creasing throughout the day, but YouTube beauty vlogger Daisy Marquez has proved that doing so also makes the colors much less saturated on your eyelids. So skip the setting powder and put your shadows directly onto the concealer to avoid that disappointing outcome!

Kardashian also likes to put the product on her naked lips before applying lipstick, since it will help the color stay on longer, and the light base of the concealer will help the true shade of the lip product pop. But that's only if you happen to have a light concealer handy, as opposed to concealer created for darker skin tones. Afterwards, she also uses the liquid to clean up any smudges around her lips, and outlines her pout with it so the lipstick doesn't budge and bleed throughout the day.

Who would have thought that your concealer could wear so many hats? Next time you're doing your makeup try out these hacks and see if Kardashian is truly onto something.