This 'Little Mermaid' Nail Art Features An Actual Dinglehopper

by Kali Borovic

Every wonder what Ariel did with her collection of items that she found at the bottom of the ocean? Apparently, she loaned it to this nail artist. As HelloGiggles found, Jezz ManiacStylZ “MZ” of the the Instagram page @maniacstylz create Little Mermaid nail art that includes a full-sized dinglehopper. These are not your average princess nails, people.

The world of Instagram nail art brings everything from hair nails to snow globe art. But these Little Mermaid nail feature a full-sized dinglehopper (read: fork), a mermaid tail, and enough glitter to see you from the ocean floor. Disney didn't share exactly what Ariel's nails looked like when she grew her legs, but there's a good chance that they looked like Jezz's nail creation.

The nail artist known as @maniacstylz calls the design "Dinglehopper Disaster," according to HelloGiggles, but there's nothing disastrous about this look — unless you try to use them to eat with the nail add-on. Then there could be some issues. The over-the-top creation might not be practical, but you'll want to give your voice to Ursula to get them.

Thank goodness that Ariel's collection was complete, because I don't know how this nail artist could possible fit anything else on her nails.

The nail artist didn't share her completely how-to of the prince-worthy style. Instead, she just showed off the final look on her Instagram page. There's no word on whether or not this is a real fork covered in glitter and attached to her nail or if this is was an original creation. Jezz does feature a lot of self-sculpted nails designs.

It's also unclear exactly how long that this design took to complete. Seeing as it features not just a dinglehopper but Ariel's tail as well, there's a good chance that it took a few hours. Not to mention all of the glitter, sea shells, and gems that are also on each nail. This creation is a work of art that not even a Disney princess could dream up.

You could stare at these nail all day long and find something new each second. The details are so intricate and the faded blue on blue color are so incredible that they will leave you mesmerized. As far as Disney nails go, these are ones that definitely deserve a crown of its own. They're inspired by Ariel without being too gimmicky, which is what great beauty is all about.

This isn't the only incredible nail art on the artist's page, either. Although she doesn't specialize in Disney nails, all of her creations will make you feel like royalty. Almost all of her creation feature unique nail shapes, gems, and accessories added onto each nail. Jezz is also incredible at playing with color and keeping a theme going through all ten fingers.

The nail artist creates the works of art on herself and other people, which is why some of the nails are so detailed. She's sculpted flowers into the actual nail and even attached a skull to the outside of the nail. One thing is for sure — the artist doesn't not shy away from making a statement. Someone call Disney, because they should make a movie all about Jezz.

If you're looking to create your own nail art, you can shop tools right from the artist. Jezz has her own nail shop online, which offers everything from buffers and gems to add-ons of your own. Unfortunately, the dinglehopper is not included.

These might not be your typical princess nails, but all the mermaids will want legs once they see what's happening above the ocean floor. I guess dinglehoppers aren't just for brushing your hair anymore.