You've Got To See This Socially Conscious Nail Art

by Summer Arlexis

Scanning Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards will turn up mesmerizing nail art designs that put my plain manis to shame. The wire manicure trend may have been the latest internet sensation, but nothing is quite as relevant and captivating as the socially conscious nail art NYC-based manicurist Ami Vega is painting now, more than ever.

As the country faces social and political turmoil, Vega takes the fight for justice to her client's nails. Her Instagram reveals an endless feed of stunning work that proves she's a bona fide nail art pro. But it's the fingertips showcasing sisterhood, gay pride, and diversity that really highlight Vega's talent. Making a powerful statement with her work, she creates some of the most influential Black Lives Matter and feminist nail art to ever grace a set of claws.

No subject is off limits in Vega's repertoire. She transforms tiny canvases into a masterpiece that explores complex issues, from womanhood, to feminism, to black liberation. Whether it's bold lettering making an impactful statement or a detailed drawing of a clenched fist or a woman's figure, Vega's manicures features impressive nail art that inspire social change in such a unique way.

"I consider myself a story teller, telling my clients stories through my art," Vega tells Bustle via email. With the world being the way it is, I find many more of my clients focusing on social issues they care about and in turn, getting it on their nails".

Brace yourselves for some of the most woke nails you've ever seen.

All in favor of chrome nails, vulvas flowers and reproductive freedom, say I!

This hand-painted Venus of Willendorf is the ultimate ode to womanhood and fertility.

Beyoncé inspired feminist nails for the win!

This set of pretties are bold and straight to the point, complimented by some serious nail artistry.

What a way to highlight a few of the most boss women to ever walk the Earth.

Vega's homages to the Black Lives Matter movement are a force to be reckoned with, too.

"Black is beautiful." Enough said.

A Pan-African flag is the perfect touch for a mani celebrating black pride.

Seriously, getting chills here.

Spreading a little afro love with this Black Lives Matters nail art.

A Black liberation mani at its finest.

If there's anyone who knows how to spread socially conscious messages with nail art, it's Vega. Here's to hoping she keeps the fight going for a long time to come, one beautiful nail at a time.

Image: amivnails/Instagram`