Chris Hemsworth & Tessa Thompson Are Fighting Aliens Again In The New 'Men In Black' Trailer

The Men In Black were first introduced in the 1997 blockbuster, Men In Black, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, but now 20 years later they've gone international, and looks like so much fun. The new Men In Black: International trailer has Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth back and doing what they do best: saving the world from aliens and looking cool while doing so.

The first trailer for the movie came out in December, but this one definitely gives more insight into who Tessa Thompson's character is and why she was looking for the MIB for 20 years. After witnessing her own parents get their memories erased via the Neuralyzer as a child, she has been searching for this agency that doesn't even exist in public memory. Now that she's found them, she's paired with Hemsworth's Agent H as they head to London to face a huge alien threat.

As Liam Neeson's character (Agent T) says in the trailer, this new enemy is called the Hive. They can shape-shift into anyone, even other MIB field agents (remind anyone of the Captain Marvel alien Skrulls?). But despite all of the tension and very credible threat, the iconic MIB comedic flair is all over this new trailer too.

It's impossible to watch this new MIB: International trailer and not be reminded of Thor: Ragnarok, in which Thompson and Hemsworth partnered as Valkyrie and Thor, respectively. There was a sort of tension between them in that film — spoiler alert — they ended up becoming allies and friends to fight against an evil alien villain — and it looks like their MIB relationship will follow a similar path. In the new trailer, their characters don't vibe with each other off the bat, though it's clear their on screen chemistry is still on point.

Even though it's the perfect Thor: Ragnarok reunion, Bennett Walsh, a producer for the film, told Collider that the stars were cast around the same time, and independently of their work together on the superhero film. "When you see Chris and Tessa they just look funny, the height and all that. And they’re great together," he said.

Hemsworth told Collider that it was very easy getting back into a role opposite Thompson. "She was at the top of the list and I said, 'Fantastic, we’ll pick where we left off and letting both of us do something different than the dynamic in that film, the difference in chemistry'," he said. "A lot of the time when you work with a costar you spend sometimes the first half of the shoot getting to know each other and so to not have to do that is always a huge relief."

As for the possibility of making Men In Black: International even more of a Ragnarok reunion, Hemsworth said that he would like to see Korg (Taika Waititi) make his way into an MIB film, if he had to choose. "I’d like to see Korg roll in. 'So… lobby here?' Can you imagine? The movie would just do a complete turn in his direction. He’d [steal] the show." Thompson agreed, adding, "He'd walk away with it so maybe he should just stay out of it."

Maybe if they do a Men In Black sequel, Korg can have a cameo. Or maybe it's best to keep the Marvel world and the MIB world separate for now.