The 'Men In Black: International' Trailer Is Here & Tessa Thompson Dominates Every Scene

The first Men In Black International trailer gives a first look at the MiB's latest recruit Tessa Thompson, and no surprise, she makes this movie look good. As Agent M, Thompson's teaming up with Chris Hemsworth's Agent H to investigate an alien invasion across the pond. While the aliens might be in disguise in this trailer, it's easy to see that Thompson is the MiB agent we've all been waiting for.

"It took me 20 years to find you," Thompson says to Emma Thompson's Agent O, the chief of the MIB organization who appeared in MIB 3. "You're the best kept secret in the universe and I found you." Honestly, though, it seems like it's a real win-win for both of them. And definitely a victory for fans of the original movies starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, who both get a bit of a shout-out in this trailer with an oil painting on the MiB Hall of Famers wall. Also, those Worm Guys are back, too, and more caffeinated than ever.

While Hemsworth's agent is a bonafide pro — he's "one of the best to ever wear this suit," according to Liam Neeson's head of the agency's UK branch — it's Thompson's newcomer who steals the show, immediately asserting herself in the world of high stakes alien espionage as they try to catch a mole within MiB's ranks. First, though, she has to get fitted for her black suit, which no surprise fits her perfectly. No surprise, tailoring is very important to the MiB.

It's not just the suit that Thompson's showing off in the Men In Black spin-off's trailer, she shows off her particular set of skills. She's taking out aliens with an uzi made out of parts of their very sweet ride and fighting off a multi-armed alien who is going through a serious Cleopatra phase. She even gets to use the infamous neuralyzer — or as Smith's Jay used to call it, the "flashy thing."

MiB 4, directed by Straight Outta Compton's F. Gary Gray, also offers Thor: Ragnarok fans a reunion, something Sony Pictures is happy to remind everyone of. In the first MiB 4 teaser photo from the company's Instagram, they wrote, "Aliens won’t know what hit 'em" and it won't be Thor's hammer even if it would have come in handy when trying to defend this galaxy.

As will expanding the MiB to include a female agent, it might be why Thompson's started captioning her Instagram photos with Hemsworth, "Buds in Black," which has a nice ring to it. As does a woman in black; Thompson is the first female star of the franchise.

In 2015, it was first reported that the MIB revival would cast a female agent to join its ranks. At the time, producer Laurie MacDonald told the BBC that “there will be a prominent Woman in Black in the fourth" and after seeing this trailer, it's clear Thompson is the perfect choice.

While it's been a long time coming for the MiB films, which first debuted in 1997, to cast a female lead. We'll only have to wait until June 14, 2019 to see Thompson on the big screen in a very good looking suit.