This Tweet Predicted Bey's Pregnancy — Months Ago

by Mary Grace Garis
Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

By now, you probably know that the Queen Bey is going to have a baby Bey... or two. On Wednesday, Beyoncé announced she's pregnant on her official Instagram account, surprising a world that for the past few days knows nothing but bad news. Or, that is, it surprised most of us, because what's recently been unearthed is a tweet that accurately predicted Beyoncé's pregnancy.

No, seriously. As silly as that sounds, a tweet from @BeyonceFan666 (oh, 666, that totally isn't creepy) back in July 2016 throws out there that "Beyoncé gonna announce a pregnant in February(2017)." In addition to that, another tweet from Jan. 28 tops the account saying, "Beyoncé is pregnant. She told me."

These could be weird shots in the dark that somehow landed on point, but this incredibly ominous account has a peppering of correct guesses that are definitely warranting a side eye. It starts with its prediction, "Unfortunately Donald Trump will be elected president :(" and then jumps to, "U.K. voted to leave the EU." So off the bat, it accurately predicted all the national and international turmoil we're currently dealing with, including the low-key nod of "hello from the future just to let you know [A]merica is currently crashing and burning under [T]rump[']s leadership." Dear, god. What else?

Well, not everything this account predicted is worth crying about. It guessed back in August that Lady Gaga's album would be coming out in October (true) and that Gaga would be performing at the Super Bowl (and here we are). That's worth a moderate round of applause. So what's exactly going on here, and who the hell is this person?

The account features a dolled-up egg (akin to the default Twitter icon) and lists the name as "." so that doesn't really give us any clues. One specific tweet, though, gives away where this account is getting their sources. In July, the account tweeted, "being a parkwood intern and low key psychic is lit," and while at first I focused on the psychic part, I did a double-take at "parkwood intern." Parkwood Entertainment is Beyoncé's entertainment and management company, so if this is true, it makes sense that someone working there they would have insight (not foresight) of the industry. The political things in the account could just be the correct guesses of a pessimist.

However, it's still a little impressive that Beyoncé's birth announcement was guessed... unless an in vitro procedure was scheduled for around this time, making it so the account holder in question would successfully guess the timeframe. Who knows. All I'm saying is that I'm glad that Beyoncé is giving us news of twins right now when the world could really use a pick-me-up. Because, unfortunately America feels like it's currently crashing and burning under Trump's leadership — just like the account predicted.