A Mom Redecorated Her Daughter's Room For The Dog The Literal Moment She Left For College

by Megan Grant

An empty nest is usually a tragedy for a mother who just sent her daughter off to college. The stillness in the house, the inescapable quiet, the space once occupied by your darling child... but Rosie LOL'd at her empty nest, because she had a brilliant idea: this mom redecorated her daughter's room for her puppy after the young girl went off to college, and now we've realized we all need a bedroom in our home dedicated solely to our canines.

Maddie is now a freshman at Texas A&M University; but her one-year-old puppy Nina had to stay behind. Luckily for Nina, Maddie's mom, Rosie, has a serious soft spot for her. In a tweet that has since gone viral, Maddie shares pictures that her mom sent her of the newly redecorated room, and explains that less than a month after she left for college, her mother rearranged her whole space to best suit the needs of fluffy Nina — this included new bedding and a brand spankin' new chair, specifically for the pup. BTW, Nina's old crate is gone, because crates are for dogs who aren't *classy* enough to have their own rooms.

I'd like to point out that most humans don't live this well.

Some parents might be annoyed that their child left a dog behind for them to look after; but not Rosie. Oh no. Rosie was clearly thrilled. In fact, intuition tells me she'd been planning this for a while.

Speaking with BuzzFeed News, Maddie says, "Originally we bought the dog for me, it was my Christmas present." She explains a twist of events, though, where her mom fell hopelessly in love with Nina, who is basically her third child.

Understandably, Maddie seems a bit miffed that her mom turned her bedroom into a dog room the minute she left; I would be too. Rosie had actually joked about redoing the room for Nina after Maddie left; but it was supposed to be a joke, right? ... Right?

I don't know the answers; but I do know how incredibly cozy that dog looks on her new bed. I mean, on Maddie's old bed. I mean — oh hell. I don't know what I mean.

Whatever the case may be, Nina seems to have taken very well to her new dwellings — so much so that Rosie informed her daughter she should ask the dog if she's allowed inside the room or not. (You don't just barge inside a one-year-old dog's room. Show some respect.)

The internets weighed in on the situation, and it seems the majority is Team Nina, because obviously.

Is it really all that shocking that Nina got the surprise of a lifetime after Maddie left for school? Not really. After all, in our culture, we'll spend money on new clothes for our dogs before we've paid our health insurance. We take our dogs on epic adventures, cry hysterically over their cuteness, and if you're loaded like Paris Hilton, build them a two-story house that costs more than homes most humans live in (complete with heating and cooling, furniture, and a chandelier, of course).

Doesn't sweet little Nina deserve the same consideration? After all, Maddie can just sleep on the floor when she comes home to visit, or whatever.

I think it's safe to say as long as adorable dogs roam this planet, we will continue to pamper, spoil, and worship them; spend way more money on them than we logically should; and do totally chill things like convert our children's bedrooms into dog rooms after they've gone away for college. You know — business as usual.