There's A Hidden Clue In This 'PLL' Finale Script Page

by Amy Roberts

Now that the long-awaited finale is on the way, it's no surprise that fans are going into overdrive with theories about who A.D. is on Pretty Little Liars. And on Wednesday morning, Entertainment Weekly may not have hinted at A.D.'s actual identity, but instead, how viewers may find out that secret. The publication shared a page from the Pretty Little Liars finale script. With its light dialogue and overall friendly vibe, the page from the episode titled, "Till DeAth Do Is Part," initially appeared pretty innocuous. But upon closer inspection, there might be a hidden clue within the Pretty Little Liars finale script as to how the finale unravels.

But first, a little about the script. Considering that it's page 10, and the Pretty Little Liars finale is two hours long, it's safe to infer that this is a scene before the A.D. reveal takes place. Set at the Lost Woods Resort, the script refers to the fact that Alison and Spencer have given the place an overhaul, and enjoyed some deep bonding while doing so. This also seems to suggest that the page of script is taking place after the promised one-year time jump.

The page script ends with Alison and Emily revealing that they have some sort of a surprise in store for their friends. And, suffice to say, everything seems peachy; there doesn't appear to be a blatant clue or spoiler in sight. But actually, the fact that this scene is set at the Lost Woods Resort is really major, and it could form a crucial part of the A.D. reveal.

Firstly, it's worth remembering that last August, I. Marlene King teased to Entertainment Weekly that she and the writers were "trying to come full circle on the show in a lot of ways," in developing the PLL story in the lead-up to the finale and the actual finale itself.

As a location, the Lost Woods Resort would be one of the ultimate ways to bring the show full circle. You might remember, for instance, that this was the place Mona brought Alison after her attempted murder to convince her to fake her death and disappear. It was also one of A's prime destinations at the beginning of the show and home to A's elaborate lair.

Basically, it has a lot of history in Pretty Little Liars, and having Spencer and Alison renovate the space together seems like a terrific way to pay tribute to that. But at the same time, it could also have powerful ramifications. There's the possibility that during their renovations, they happen to uncover a curious artifact. One that relates to the Liars in some way and could be leftover from A's time at the Lost Woods. With that in mind, the resort could be the crucial component that finally reveals the identity of A.D.

At the start of June, Brendan Robinson, who plays Lucas, explained to Entertainment Tonight, "There are a lot of flashbacks in the finale," following the big reveal of A.D.'s identity. This suggests that the episode will do the reveal near the start of the episode, rather than later on — perhaps even right there in the Lost Woods Resort itself. Where better for everything to click into place? With flashbacks forming such an integral part of the episode, it would also be reasonable to assume that the motel may host a number of those flashbacks, as fans see exactly how and why A.D. has been active for so long.

The Lost Woods Resort could well be the final puzzle piece the Liars need to figure out who A.D. is and try to stop them. Or at least, that's how this script page makes it seem.