These 'PLL' Theories Could Predict The Finale

Byron Cohen/Freeform

For seven seasons, Pretty Little Liars has teased fans with more questions than answers. But June 27 will be the end of these games and, hopefully, fans will finally get the conclusion they've been waiting for. In the meantime, there are plenty of fan theories predicting how Pretty Little Liars will end.

Since surprises are a Pretty Little Liars specialty, fans know that anything can happen. And with the clock ticking toward the show's finale, there are still a lot of loose threads hanging over the Liars' heads. The most important question that needs to be answered is who A.D. is, and just why exactly they've been torturing the Liars.

Everyone has their theories, including the PLL cast. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, they joked that they wanted the series to end tragically with a possibility of Emily killing them all. In the same interview, creator I. Marlene King said, "And no, it really should be something tragic. The fans will probably hate us for saying this, but it will at least be final so you don’t wonder what kind of 50-year-old would Emily be?"

Pretty soon all will be revealed for the residents of Rosewood, so fans can enjoy playing the "what if" game until then. There are a lot of fan theories circulating on social media and fan-made sites, but here are a few that are gaining the most traction:

Spencer's Twin Is A.D.

In an article for Teen Vogue, De Elizabeth dissected the leading PLL fan theory: Spencer Hastings has a twin who possibly could be the mysterious "A.D." To add more fuel to this theory, it is also theorized that Bethany Young is Spencer's twin.

The theory began circulated when Hanna, held captive and terrified, dreamt that Spencer had visited her. Since then, fans have been adamant about this particular theory, adding more and more evidence to the Tumblr page PrettyLittleLrs.

Mary Drake Is Involved...Somehow

After revealing Mary Drake and her connection to Spencer, it's clear she will have some role in the finale. Once fans got over the shock of learning that Mary Drake is Spencer's mother, the questions started appearing: How did A.D. know? What is Mary's endgame?

Mary has a very significant role in Season 7 and revealing the identity of her children seems to be what she does best. Once again, Tumblr is on the case with thebestplltheories theorizing that Mary Drake's alleged third child could be Bethany Young (an already popular fan theory) and/or this third child could be A.D. It also fits into the previous theories that Spencer has a twin sister.

Mary is constantly underestimated by the other characters, which why it's so much fun watching her secrets come to light. And, even if Mary does have a third child, who happens to be Spencer's twin and A.D., she might have more involvement in the finale than fans realize. Does Mary have another secret that could blindside PLL viewers? She's done so before...

Mona Hasn't Changed At All

On the subject of "Who is A.D.?" another fan theory points to Mona, who didn't quite change her ways. YouTuber N3rd goes into detail about this theory, making some excellent points about what Mona could be really hiding. Of course, N3rd also looks into the possible theory that Alison could be A.D. as well.

While both theories offer possible scenarios, Pretty Little Liars is known for its red herrings, and Mona and Allison could easily fit into this category. It may be a little too simple that the characters who everyone has suspected were associated with "A" could in fact be A.D.

There's A Spinoff Happening

After the first PLL spinoff Ravenswood was canceled after one season, this theory might be the most far-fetched of all. However, this hasn't stopped fans from trying to determine if another group of Liars will continue after the series ends.

According to Teen Vogue, PLL showrunner I. Marlene King is developing another series for Freeform titled The Perfectionists. The Perfectionists could even take place within the PLL universe since it is also an adaptation of a Sara Shepard novel.

Another possible theory for a spinoff could feature PLL's newest Season 7 cast member Ava Allan as Addison, who seems like an Alison 2.0. Addison could be the one to set another group of Liars into motion after the PLL finale.

Despite the evidence supporting these fan theories, fans of Pretty Little Liars know there's only one truth: All will be revealed when PLL says so and not a moment sooner.