Rob Kardashian May Have Tried To Tell Everyone Kim K's Baby Name Early & Nobody Noticed

Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; _OliviaTamburro/Twitter

After what felt like a decade of fan speculation, Kim Kardashian revealed that her third child with Kanye West is named Chicago. The surprise seemingly came out of nowhere, until fans realized this Rob Kardashian clue about Kim's baby name was so bonkers, it could be true.

Kim and Kanye's daughter Chicago West was born via a gestational carrier, and joins siblings North and Saint in the cool kid hall of fame. But was Rob trying to tip off the media to Kim's baby name? Maybe. All he did was send one mysterious tweet, but knowing what fans know now, it does seem like he was trying to hint at something. If he was, he better have gotten permission from Kimye. Scooping their daughter's name to the public would be so uncool, especially for a PR-savvy couple like them.

E! News pointed out the post in question, where Rob tweeted two bear emojis on Wednesday, Jan. 17. That was it. Was he goofing around, or making a cryptic suggestion? After all, the Bears are Chicago's NFL team, and fan responses immediately poured in. At the time, it was nearly impossible to discern whether the clue was real — who could have seen the name Chicago coming, right? — but looking at it now, it seems like Rob was subtly hinting at Kim and Kanye's baby name, which was officially revealed two days later.

Obviously, the bear emoji could have meant anything. Maybe he was at a zoo, or likes bears, or one of his nieces or nephews got ahold of his phone. One user even thought he was hinting that Kim and Kanye had actually welcomed twins. No one knew for sure that the name was Chicago, but if you're a known sports fan looking to drop a subtle hint, that's not a bad way to do it. Further, the name "Bear" is an occasional trend with celebrity names. Alicia Silverstone famously named her son Bear Blu, and One Direction's Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole named their son Bear Grey. Kate Winslet has son named Bear Blaze, and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver named his first son Buddy Bear Maurice.

Rob's sister would never do something as obvious as giving her baby a "trendy" name, particularly when it's an established celebrity trend, but it wouldn't be too wild to think it he was hinting at Bear at the time. Plus, only celebrity boys have been named Bear thus far. Bear on a girl would be kind of awesome. Also, "Bear West" kind of sounds like an instruction, and that's awesome too. Fans know now that the couple chose Chicago, though. North, Saint, and Chicago West. Could they be any cooler? Don't worry though, Rob; Dream Kardashian (his first child, with ex-fiancée Angela "Blac Chyna" White) is a killer name, too.

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If it turns out that Rob was hinting at his niece's name on Twitter, fans will have to pay extra close attention to his social media for the next few months. Elder sister Khloé Kardashian, with whom Rob has always been close, is expecting her first child with Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson. Khloé is potentially expecting a boy, and recently tweeted about struggling to choose a baby name. Will Rob steal her thunder, too, even in jest? Will he post an even more oblique hint, or come right out and say, "Khloé is going to name her baby [insert name]?" It's impossible to know for sure.

The Kardashian siblings have a long history of pranking each other, but as seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim has never enjoyed being a part of that. While it's easy to read into Rob's bear emojis tweet, it's unlikely that he'd go behind Kim and Kanye's back to drop hints about the name Chicago West. When it's Khloé's turn, however, there will definitely be no rules.