This Shot In The New 'Endgame' Trailer Has Fans Worried Cap, Iron Man, & Thor Are Going To Die

Fans were excited to see the long-awaited reunion of Captain America and Iron Man in the new Avengers: Endgame trailer, but before the one-minute long clip was over, some were already concerned for the two of them. It has to do with a quick shot of Cap and Iron Man meeting up with Thanos. Fans think it's possible that this final moment in the Endgame trailer teases the end of Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, possibly forever.

"You could not live with your failure," Thanos explains in the new teaser. "Where did that bring you? Back to me." At the end of the trailer, released Tuesday, April 2, fans got a shot of just the legs of three of our Marvel heroes heading towards Thanos. Since fans have spent a lot of time with these guys, they know these calves look a lot like Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, who appear to be heading straight towards Thanos, who's got a large sword by his side. (Look close, and you can catch a glimpse of him between Cap and Thor.)

Fans of the comics also know these three as the Holy Trinity of the MCU. And who are Marvel's Trinity? Well, they're these three heroes coming together with all their power to take down the big bad. This time, it's Thanos, who is the biggest baddie they've met yet.

As fans pointed out on Twitter, the MCU may have been teasing this reunion all along. Shots of just the three of them popped up in 2012's Avengers, 2015's Age Of Ultron, and now Endgame.

Fans already think that this quick shot might give away something big about the movie. Fans believe this moment may mean the end for Captain America, Iron Man, and possibly Thor. "This is the scene where we lose our holy trinity," one fan tweeted. While another fan wrote about their concerns after seeing them all team up: "Oh god they're all going to die aren't they?"

Already, Chris Evans has said this is his last film as Captain America, which has some thinking that his character will die in this film. This theory falls in line with Cap's M.O. He's always been willing to put his life on the line for the greater good, and this shot of him walking towards Thanos could be the beginning of the end.

Meanwhile, Tony Stark giving up his own life for his friends would also fulfill his arc. He first flirted with dying in battle in Avengers, and having him make the ultimate sacrifice in Endgame would be a pretty full-circle moment. Finally, fans are worried Thor could die in Endgame, too. But, there are others who hope his god blood is still too powerful even for Thanos. Of course, that might just be what Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo want you to think.

One fan tweeted that this Trinity could possibly be a sign of how dire things are in Endgame. "The MCU Trinity (Iron Man, Captain America and Thor) walking up on a sitting Thanos with his blade buried in the ground," wrote @x_SentientBeing. "Is this whats left of Avengers HQ?"

When Endgame finally hits theaters on April 26, fans will finally know what this shot of the Trinity means. In the meantime, may we suggest stocking up on extra Kleenex now, just incase.