Starbucks And Disney Collaborated To Make Yet Another Mug You'll Desperately Want

Another day, another moment when my wallet feels personally attacked by a collab so on brand for my human life that I might just die if I don't have it. Last week it was Harry Potter and PBteen, the week before that it was Spirit Halloween and Hocus Pocus, and this week, my fellow coffee-guzzling nerds, it's a Starbucks x Disney mug that is so cute it will make you go bippity boppity broke in your attempts to get your hands on one. You guessed it — just like the other collaborations Starbucks and Disney have done in the past, you can only get your hands on one of these puppies if you're at a Starbucks in the actual park. Anyone else fancy a road trip right about now?

If you're having cute mug deja vu, you're not alone; a few months ago, the internet collectively freaked out over an earlier Disney-themed Starbucks mug. As part of its popular You Are Here collection, a line of Starbucks mugs that uses variations of the same format and art for different cities and noteworthy locations, they released a dreamy Disneyland mug in pinks, purples, and blues that apparently sells out faster than love at first sight.

This new mug differs from earlier versions because it appears to be a standalone rather than part of a series, and it's a travel mug. Also, if you squint, you can find a hidden Mickey in the outline of the patterns.

The mug was spotted by the popular Instagram account Magic Kingdom Mamas, which keeps enthusiasts up to date on the latest happenings and offerings at Disneyland (including the Halloween menu that just launched and you need to see immediately). The ceramic mug retails for $21.99, and I imagine is as difficult to get your hands on as all the other Starbucks Disney collabs that have graced your Instagram feed over the years.

In case you weren't painfully aware like I, known mug hoarder, am, Starbucks' You Are Here collection has delved extensively into Disney, offering not just a general Disneyland mug, but mugs for different parts of the park as well.

Here's the one that most recently went viral, featuring Fantasyland.

The line extends out to Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney California Adventure, and Disney's Hollywood studios as well. As someone who has been a bonafide public nuisance in airport security hauling Starbucks mugs from abroad, I'm already mentally shifting my carry on for a trip I am not taking to accommodate as many as possible.

This other adorable travel mug is available in the Starbucks at Disneyland as well.

And while we're all here lusting after Disney x Starbucks collabs that, statistically speaking, most of us are way too far away to ever latch our real human eyes on, let's take a trip down viral food memory lane to the enviable Pink Pegasus Frappuccino. A store exclusive, it arrived hot on the heels of the Unicorn Frappuccino's swift gallop in and out of stores, and became the enchanted Insta dream of many fans who shared my majestic horse drink FOMO. Only the brave and the few were around to try this raspberry version of the Unicorn Frapp, and unfortunately, it was gone just as soon as its predecessor.

I guess this is about the point that I reconcile that the most aggressively millennial thing I will ever do is save my hard-earned money to go to Disneyland ... to go to their Starbucks. In the meantime, if you have money to burn, you can cheat the system and get one of the mugs on Ebay. But really, would it be nearly as satisfying to own without Disneyland in the back of your 'gram of it?