This 'Pump Rules' & Jonas Brothers Crossover Is Good As Gold

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You've seen her on Victorious. You've spotted her on The Hills. You've watched her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But have you experienced Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie’s role on Jonas L.A.? If not, go ahead and pull up a velour SUR dining room chair and get comfortable. You'll want to be seated before you hit the Sexy Unique Road toward Cameoville. In 2009, just a few years before she was belting out “Good As Gold” on a Bravo reality show, the Pumper was on the Jonas Brothers’ short-lived Disney Channel sitcom.

In an episode of Jonas L.A. titled "Pizza Girl," Scheana played Maria, a pizza delivery driver who, on one fateful day, delivers a pie to the home of Kevin Lucas (Kevin Jonas), Joe Lucas (Joe Jonas), and Nick Lucas (Nick Jonas). All three brothers are immediately smitten with Maria. They are determined to see her again. So, they order more pizza. Lots and lots of pizza. After $500 and an impressive tower of pizza boxes, all three eventually try to woo her. Nary a Jonas succeeds. It all comes to a boil when, after being presented with a song called "Pizza Girl," the JoBros get into a fight over her. While she's still there. It's probably safe to assume Maria asks for a different delivery route after that.

Yes, "Pizza Girl" is indeed a song the JoBros wrote about Maria. And there is a music video "Pizza Girl." And yes, Scheana is in the music video for "Pizza Girl." Happy Throwback Thursday, fellow Pump diehards.

This TBT is about as satisfying as a fresh 'za after a long week.