This Machine Lets You Make Your Own Custom Sheet Masks

When it comes to DIY beauty, things can get a bit messy. From egg hair masks to honey facials, there's a lot of dripping parts that no one really wants to deal with. Thankfully, this viral gadget lets you make your own custom sheet masks almost flawlessly. While that may seem a bit far fetched, the high-tech product is actually kind of genius, and you're going to want one as soon as possible.

When it comes to skin care, sometimes the simpler, the better. Organic, natural products are all the rage — as they should be — and what better way to know what's going on your face than by making your skin care yourself? The EgoEra DIY Natural Fruit Vegetable Beauty Automatic Multifunction Facial Mask Maker helps take your love of juicing and turn it into beauty.

To create a face mask, simply use fruits and vegetables to craft juices that contain ingredients used for common skincare problems — like strawberries for brightening. You'll need your own juicer to create your fruit and vegetable juice, but once done, simply combine it with water and a collagen pill that comes with the machine. When you place all of the ingredients into the EgoEra, it prints a face mask that, once cool, is your own personal sheet mask. It's basically perfect and allows you to target whatever skin care issue you may have.

EgoEra DIY Facial Mask Maker on Amazon

INSIDER beauty revealed just how the EgoEra works on their Facebook page, and it's truly fascinating. Users seemed pleased with the results of the masks, and it's hard to deny that it looks pretty cool.

EgoEra DIY Facial Mask Maker on Amazon

According to the gadget's Amazon page, it's not limited to fruit and vegetable juices either. Ingredients like wine, eggs, and essential oils are all listed as acceptable for use. Basically, the sheet mask possibilities are endless.

EgoEra DIY Facial Mask Maker on Amazon

Unfortunately, the EgoEra is currently unavailable on Amazon, but there's always the potential for a restock. There are also similar models available, like the Preup Face Mask Machine, which is currently available for $56.

Bustle has not tried either of the machines and cannot vouch for their efficacy, but you can click here and here to review customer reviews on Amazon.