The One Sex Position You Need To Try This Month

by Laken Howard
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Is it just me, or is summer a particularly sexy time of year? It seems like all those good summertime vibes — relaxed and carefree, but still steamy and sultry — just flow right into the bedroom and heat things up. Plus, thanks to the sun's invigorating rays, we're all more energized during the summer — and what better way to channel all that newfound energy than by trying out some hot new sex positions with your partner?

"The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and our sex drives are at an all-time high," Brit Burr, sex expert and editor-at-large of Psych N Sex, tells Bustle. "During the winter, our sex lives tend to take a little dip for various reasons, whether that be fatigue, or literally just the lack of motivation to go outside. Embrace the month of June and the entire summer for all the good sex it has to offer."

So if you want to kick off the first official summer month on an extra sexy note — and who among us wouldn't?! — there's one sex position that you need to know about: the three-legged dog.

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"[Three-legged dog] is perfect to ease you into the summer heat with a little bit of adventure without pushing it too far from the winter slump," Burr says. "[It's] a standing sex position which requires a tiny bit of balance and a side of trust. For this position (pictured above), the recipient stands in front of the penetrator and lifts one leg, wrapping it around their waist. The penetrator holds the leg up with one arm and wraps the other around their partner to keep them close and stable."

Why Three-Legged Dog Is Perfect For June

It might require a little more effort than some of your fave lazy sex positions, but summer is the optimal time to get a little more creative (and active) in bed, which is why you shouldn't knock the three-legged dog position until you've tried it.

"This position is perfect for June because it gets you out of bed and into the open air to avoid some of the heat," Burr says. "Additionally, neither of the partners is laying on top of the other, which also helps keep things cool. Standing sex is also quite exposed, should you choose to do it fully naked, so you might as well do it while you're feelin' great on that summer high and you've got a bit of a summer glow started."

TBH, this position is hot any time of year, but there's something about the idea of a carnal, need-you-now position that really evokes the essence of summertime sex. And that's not to mention how good this position has the potential to feel — although some practice and a few minor adjustments might be needed.

"This position is excellent for G-Spot stimulation as the recipient can adjust their leg's height and the penetrator can bend their knees to hit different angles," Burr says. "This position will need to be catered to the couple as there may be some adjustment necessary if you've got a substantial height difference. If that's the case, grab something for the shorter partner to stand on so you can be closer to the same level."

If you want to make this your go-to position all summer long, here are three ways to spice up the three-legged dog position that pretty much guarantee you'll never get bored of it.


Try It In The Shower

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Summer is all about getting wet: in the pool, at the beach, and yes, in your pants, too. To add an extra level of sexy slipperiness to this standing position, try (carefully) doing three-legged dog while you and your partner shower together.

"This position is AMAZING for shower sex," Burr says. "Be sure to hold each other tightly and get solid footing before you begin; no one wants a shower-sex accident, so be careful. With that said, shower sex is perfect for those hot summer months. Play with the temperature to keep it cool without being uncomfortable, and enjoy the intimate experience with your partner."


Keep Your Clothes On

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Well, most of your clothes, anyway. Because it's a standing position, three-legged dog already has an urgent, need-you-now vibe, and if you leave on some articles of clothing — pants around the ankles, skirt scooted up over your hips — it's sure to be even hotter.

"There's nothing hotter than the kind of sex that just can't wait, the kind where you don't have time to take your clothes off and nothing can get in your way," Burr says.


Add Toys To The Mix

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There's nothing that ups the sexual ante quite like bringing sex toys into the bedroom. There are so many benefits of using toys during sex, and the three-legged dog is a great position to experiment with toys in.

"Some toys that work well with this position are cock rings and vibrators," Burr says. "Because of the extreme closeness of this position, both partners can be stimulated at once. This is the perfect position to introduce you into the world of standing sex, so get comfortable with it, play around with some variations."

So what are you waiting for? If you're ready to kick off the summer season with some seriously steamy sex, text your partner and make a date to try the three-legged dog position the next time you're feeling ~in the mood~ for some seriously strong orgasms.