Here's All The Proof You Need That Sex Toys Can Seriously Enhance Your Life

by Laken Howard
BDG Media, Inc.

As someone who's been writing about sex and relationships for years, I feel confident saying that vibrators — and sex toys in general — are definitely having something of a moment right now. Gone are the days when vibrators were merely thought of as something that horny, sexless women hid away under their beds: now, it seems like everyone is growing more and more aware of how using vibrators can improve your sex life, both solo and with a partner.

"For years, vibrators were positioned as solitary devices, essentially as something women used when a man wasn't available/if they didn't have a partner," Stephanie Alys, co-founder and Chief Pleasure Officer of MysteryVibe, tells Bustle. "I suspect much of that thinking came from the fact that men not only dominated the media, they dominated the production of pleasure products. For that generation the idea that the man alone can not get a woman to orgasm was ego-threatening. That's starting to change."

With more women in charge, we're seeing a serious shift in how pleasure and pleasure products are viewed and talked about by the masses. But just in case you need anymore convincing to head to a sex toy store ASAP, here are three facts about vibrators from the 2018 SKYN Condoms Millennial Sex Survey that prove a good vibe (or two, or three...) is definitely worth the investment, regardless of your relationship status.


Vibrator Use Among Women Is On The Rise

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

Since last year's Millennial Sex Survey, vibrator use among women has increased by a whopping 23 percent, meaning more women than ever are putting their pleasure first instead of letting female orgasm be nothing but an "added bonus" during partnered (hetero) sex.

"Most women aren't having regular orgasms — with their male partners, at least — and are getting more vocal about demanding equality," Alys says. "Similar studies have shown that the orgasm gap is even wider than the pay gap. Men have roughly three orgasms for each one had by their female partner!"


2/3 Of Couples Use Vibrators Together

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If you think you don't need a vibrator because you have a partner, you might want to reconsider: the SKYN survey found that 66 percent of millennials in relationships said they incorporate vibrators when in bed with their partner. Because if you can use couples sex toys to enhance both your own and your partner's pleasure, why wouldn't you?

"[MysteryVibe's] Crescendo has, from the beginning, been designed as a device for couples," Alys says. "Certainly, it works tremendously well without a partner, but we wanted to build a product that would increase communication and pleasure. Something that would be seen as a must-have for better sex. No chef has their ego threatened by a KitchenAid mixer or sous vide cooker — why are we so hesitant about bringing tech to the bedroom?"


Vibrators Are Helping Almost Everyone Orgasm

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If you're still on the fence about incorporating toys into your sex life or masturbation routine, here's a stat that just might change your mind: the SKYN survey found that 95 percent (!!) of those who use vibrators are orgasming during sex.

"There's been this persistent myth that women find it more difficult to orgasm, or that it takes them a longer time to do so," Alys says. "What the studies show is that women orgasm as frequently and quickly as men when someone actually pays attention to the clitoris... But I think things are getting better. We're seeing increased interest across the board, and we're seeing people finally pay attention to the gap in women's pleasure."

Simply put, we're living in a time when female pleasure is finally coming to the forefront instead of lurking in the background — and vibrators (and their designers) are paving the way for women to get the equal treatment they so deserve in the bedroom. If you ask me, that's as good a reason as any to treat yourself (or your loved ones) to an awesome new sex toy or two.