Tiffany Haddish Was Almost On 'Flavor Of Love,' But This Is Why She Avoided The Drama

Reality TV in the 2000s did not disappoint. VH1 had one gem, though, that would end up birthing a hundred different spin-off shows — OK, not a hundred, but a lot — and could have changed the course of one star's career. Tiffany Haddish was almost on Flavor of Love, the star admitted during a recent video interview with Wired (as per HuffPost), but ended up avoiding the drama and pursuing comedy instead.

While promoting their new movie Night School together, Haddish and Kevin Hart participated in a segment where they respond to "The Web's Most-Searched Questions" about themselves. Haddish's first round included questions like: Is Tiffany Haddish related to Oprah? (No, but, "In my mind I am," she replied.) Is Tiffany Haddish's hair real? ("Not today," she said. "Today this is really somebody else's hair on my head.") Is Tiffany Haddish in Maroon 5 video? Duh, and it's called "Girls Like You," FYI.

During Haddish's second round, however, is when her reality show close-call was ultimately revealed. The question read: "Is Tiffany Haddish New York?," and it cracked Hart up.

Now, in case you're not familiar, "New York" is the nickname of an infamous contestant from Flavor of Love — a Bachelor-esque dating show starring Flavor Flav of Public Enemy as the suitor. New York's real name is Tiffany Pollard, but the similarities between her and Haddish pretty much end with the name "Tiffany."

"Oh, the lady from the reality show?" Haddish confirmed after the question was revealed. "Hell no. I've got all my real t*tties and ass." (Pollard has been very candid about getting plastic surgery over the years.)

Haddish continued, "You know I auditioned for that show? When I found out it was Flavor Flav you had to be in the house with, I was like, 'Oh, no thank you. I don't want this job, no thank you.'"

The 38-year-old comedian had all kinds of different jobs before she became a star, but "reality TV contestant" definitely wasn't one of them. One of her earliest jobs was dressing up as the mascot for a high school in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley, according to E! News.

The outlet also reported that she later became an "energy producer," which is basically someone who hypes people up and gets them excited to dance at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Oddly enough, in her memoir, The Last Black Unicorn, Haddish described her stint as an "energy producer" by writing, "I was basically the Flava Flav of Bar Mitzvahs." The Flavor Flav connection to her life is deep, y'all.

Of course, Haddish's career in entertainment has sky-rocketed since those days. Earlier this month, she won her first Emmy at the 2018 Creative Arts Emmys for hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live. She's currently starring in Night School alongside Kevin Hart, and in 2019, she'll roll out her very own stand-up special on Netflix. There's no telling whether or not any of that could have been possible if she had gone on Flavor of Love, but she's exactly where she needs to be now.