Tina Knowles' Instagram Of Beyoncé's Twins Clears Up Everything

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Super early Friday morning, Queen Bey shared the first image of her twins. Even though she finally showed them to the world, revealed their names, and shared their age, there were still many questions about the Carter babies, including their sex and their exact names. Well, it looks like some questions have been answered thanks to Tina Knowles' Instagram post of Beyoncé's twins, which clarifies everything.

UPDATE: In an updated version of her caption on Instagram, Tina Knowles also clears up the babies' birthdate: June 13. Entertainment Tonight also reports that according to obtained copies of the twins' birth certificates, they were born on the 13th.

EARLIER: Next to the same picture shared by her daughter, Knowles wrote the following caption: "So Happy my baby shared a photo of her babies with the world [three heart emojis] proud grandma hello Sir Carter and Rumi Carter [two hearts and praying hands emojis] Boy and girl what a blessing [heart emoji]️."

There have been many questions about whether Bey and JAY-Z are parents to twin boys, despite reports she gave birth to a boy and a girl. What caused speculation around the twins' sex is the choice of baby emojis used by Beyoncé in the caption accompanying her reveal photo. Many thought she was trying to say she had two boys based on the male-looking baby emojis, though that's not the case, especially since the baby emoji is unisex. And as her mom wrote on Instagram, she is once again a proud grandma and this time to a boy and another girl.

The babies' names have also caused confusion. Based on Beyoncé's Instagram caption reading, "Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today," it was a bit unclear if one twin is named "Sir Carter" and the other is named "Rumi." However, it looks like Carter is both of their last names, as Knowles referred to her grandchildren as "Sir Carter and Rumi Carter."

As for which twin is named what, the assumption has been that Sir is the boy and Rumi is the girl. Based on the order of Knowles' caption, it appears that is the case. She first refers to Sir and then Rumi and follows that with the mention of "Boy and girl," which seems to be her way of confirming what many have suspected all along. Though, again, it's not completely clear.

Even though people might still be unsure of some details about the twins, they should thank Knowles for being so open with her caption, because she just clarified a lot.