7 Beach Towns Where Everyone's Swiping Right On Tinder This Summer


With summer in full swing, dating’s in full swing, too, especially when it comes to dating app usage. While you may think everyone’s swiping right wherever you are, Tinder just revealed the most right-swiped summer towns of the season, so if you still want to take a summer vacation, you may want to pay a visit to one of them. Plus, no one needs convincing to hit up a cute town, some of which are even beach towns.

To be honest, it’s no surprise that swiping right on Tinder is still as popular as ever. Not only is the interface super simple to use, but no matter where you are, you can swipe — while waiting for the train, while in an Uber, while eating lunch, you name it. You can even use the Passport feature — when you change your Tinder location to swipe someplace else, like a summer town — before you arrive.

For instance, during the last World Cup, Passporting to Russia went up by 24 percent. Overall, according to the app, there are 1.6 billion swipes a day, resulting in 1.5 million (!) dates worldwide per week. And, to date — no pun intended — there have been more than 20 billion matches made on Tinder.

Without further ado, here are the seven most right-swiped summer towns — along with a nearby summer destination each was more popular than — so you may want to start looking for hotels.


Jersey Shore, NJ

Andrew Kazmierski/Fotolia

The Jersey Shore is the winner when it comes to the most right-swiped summer town of all — even more than the Hamptons. The Jersey Shore is also the town with the most users Passporting there. If you haven’t tried it, you may want to, as it’s super efficient and you can have dates lined up by the time you arrive.


Newport, RI


Newport, RI came in as the second most popular summer town to right-swipe in, beating out Nantucket, MA.


Ocean City, MD


Ocean City, MD — which looks just as appealing as it sounds — came in third place as far as swiping-right-in-summer-towns goes, winning over Outer Banks, NC.


Coronado, CA


Coronado, CA is the fourth most popular town where Tinder users are swiping right, even more so than Lake Tahoe, CA.


Myrtle Beach, SC


Myrtle Beach, SC beat out Gulf Shores, AL as the fifth most popular summer town for swiping right on Tinder.


Vail, CO

Brent Hall/Fotolia

Vail, CO — versus Aspen — is the sixth most popular town to swipe right in if you’re on Tinder. There’s nothing like those amazing mountain views to get you in a romantic headspace!


Key West, FL

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Key West, FL is seventh place as far as Tinder users swiping right in a summer town, more so than St. Simons, GA.

There you have it — the most popular summer towns to swipe right in. As for *when* to swipe right, according to a Tinder spokesperson, Saturdays are the most popular days for swiping in the majority of these towns, with the exception of the Outer Banks (Mondays) and Aspen (Tuesdays).

And if you haven’t been to some of the places above, now’s as good a time as any to check them out; after all, it’s for “dating research.” It’s also a win-win situation: You get to see a cool place and have lots of dating options while there, which sounds like a pretty solid summer.