Titus' "Hold Up" Parody Lyrics From 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Season 3 Make It A Cathartic Breakup Song

Viewers knew they were in for a treat when the promos for Season 3 promised a Lemonade parody on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. When the first teaser for the new batch of episodes was released this past February, it featured beloved character Titus Andromedon in full-out no-marking Queen Bey mode, strutting down the street in the singer's iconic yellow "Hold Up" outfit, and swinging a bat into the window of his lover Mikey Politano's truck. Now that Season 3 has premiered, the full sequence is available for consumption… and it doesn't disappoint. In fact, Titus' "Hold Up" parody lyrics are everything I could have hoped for and more.

The music-video-within-a-show starts with a black-and-white spoken word sequence that looks ripped straight out of Lemonade. Subtitled "Furiosity," the intro features Titus floating in an underwater hotel room, while in voiceover he intones:

That's when the fun really starts. As the scene switches to Titus' yellow-clad strut down a sidewalk, baseball bat in hand, viewers start hearing his revised versions of Beyoncé's lyrics. (Netflix has not released official lyrics, so these may not be 100 percent accurate.)

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So far so good.


Personally I might prefer heartbreak to cockroaches, but to each his own.

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After a reprise of the chorus, we're right back into it:

A dartboard? Sports? Queens?? Mikey really was in denial…

I do like Mikey's haircut this season, I'm not gonna lie.

Another reprise of the chorus, and then the big finish:

Listen. I know that Beyoncé is a hero, and Lemonade is a triumph of contemporary music… but in all honesty, this is probably going to be the version of "Hold Up" I play on repeat while I'm walking down the street.

Thank you, Titus Andromedon, for this hilarious gift of self-righteous sass.

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