Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara Just Got A MAJOR Makeover

It's Too Faced's 20th anniversary this year. Of course co-founder and creative guru Jerrod Blandino and co. are celebrating as you'd expect — with lots of new and special products. The brand is dropping a limited edition anniversary collection with modernized throwbacks — more on those later — and the new Better Than Birthday Sex mascara. Too Facers were a bit concerned that this edition of the best-selling, most-pinned, and prestige Better Than Sex mascara would represent a change in formula.

Nobody panic. Everyone calm down!

While the mascara's tube is getting a temporary, glitter-blasted makeover, there is no need to fret or freak out. That's because neither the wand nor the formula are changing. According to Glamour and the brand's official Instagram, the mascara you know, love, and lashify with will remain in tact.


Bustle also reached out to Too Faced reps to confirm that the packaging upgrade is the sole change with this version of the msacara.

It's understandable why so many fans were concerned about a "new" BTS. This mascara is beloved by fans for how it thickens, lengthens, volumizes, and darkens lashes. It lives in a shiny, millennial pink tube with a large 'n' lush brush. There's even a waterproof version in a mint green tube.

Incorporating a little glitter into you morning makeup routine isn't always done via a highlighter or eyeshadow. You can get your fix of fairy dust from packaging. This version of BTS will lift your lashes and your spirits while getting ready to face the day.

Sorry, but no sparkly Too Faced Better Than Sex in our future!

The love that beautyistas and Twitter have for this mascara is the stuff of legends.

The Better Than Sex Mascara faithful can rest easy knowing the formulation isn’t being tinkered with. It's just a packaging refresh to celebrate the brand's milestone anniversary.

Here's another look at the original packaging because it's just sooo purdy!

The rest of the also-glittery collection is a bit different than Better Than Birthday Sex. It's much more than "revamped" packaging when it comes to some of the brand's initial products from 1998. The company is resurrecting some of its OG offerings and shades in brand new formulas that have been updated and modernized. The packaging is retro and nods to Too Faced’s past in both branding and imaging.

If you love a little throwback action, you will covet every item in this range. If you have been a Too Faced fan from the get-go, this will be a lovely walk down makeup memory lane, complete with some unique newness.

You can also grab the new Drybar x Too Faced sparkle spray collab if you really and truly desire more glitter in your life and on your locks...

... and your lids! There is plenty of glitter in your future with this collection — just not on your actual lashes. The tube's shimmer should suffice, though.

Happy Anniv to Blandino and Too Faced. Thanks for gifting your fans with a collection that meshes your past with your present.