The Bizarre Thing That Could Improve Your Sex Life

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There are some scientific studies that illuminate the patterns we've observed in our everyday lives and totally make sense. Then there are ones whose results leave us scratching our heads and occasionally face-palming. When the latter type concerns sexuality, the implications for our sex lives can be equal parts concerning and hilarious. I'm all for making an effort to improve your sex life. Willingness to work toward great sex is, after all, a correlate of better sex, according to a study in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (and that's the first kind of study I was talking about that actually confirms our intuitions). But would I buy a television? That just might fall under the umbrella of "that" in Meatloaf's "I'd Do Anything for Love."

The most effective strategies for having better sex, of course, are always going to be communicating more with your partner, getting to know your own body, developing emotional intimacy, and solving conflicts outside the bedroom. If you're really looking to take your sex life up a notch, start there — these are just fun little add-ons.

Of course, take the five things below with a grain of salt. But in case you were looking for a bizarre and out-there way to possibly improve your sex life, here are a few strange ideas.


Wearing Socks

According to a University of Groningen study that was reported on in the Deccan Chronicle, Metro UK, BBC, and Elite Daily — but which I haven't been to locate — 80 percent of couples who wore socks but only 50 percent who didn't both orgasmed during sex. The theory is that by warming us, socks increase blood flow, including to the genitals. This might not sound particularly promising, but it is low-risk, so you may as well give it a try, right?


Owning A TV

Just when we thought there was no good reason to have an actual television anymore, a survey by VoucherCodesPro — which gives discounts for stuff including TVs, so again, grain of salt — found that couples with TVs in their homes have sex twice as often. The reasons people gave included that it let them watch porn on the big screen and that they could multitask and have sex while catching up on their favorite shows. So much for Netflix-and-chilling with nothing but your computer screen.


Extreme Sports

This might help explain why there's so much bungee jumping and helicopter riding on The Bachelor. When you're in a high-risk situation with someone, you feeling excited around them, which can get confused with sexual attraction. According to a study in Archives of Sexual Behavior, people find one another more attractive after engaging in such activities, and one famous 1974 study found that people were more likely to ask someone out after walking over a tall bridge.



A Journal of Sexual Medicine study found that men with gum disease were almost three times as susceptible to ED. The researchers think this is because bacteria in the mouth can get into the blood stream and interrupt circulation, and blood flow to the genitals is an essential part of anyone's arousal process.



Women get aroused more quickly after exercising, and women on OkCupid who enjoy exercise are twice as likely to say it's easy for them to orgasm. Plus, working up a sweat together can have an attracting-boosting effect similar to extreme sports dates. That's just one more reason to stay active.

So, basically, if your goal is to have the best sex ever today, consider brushing and flossing in the morning, hitting the gym, going skydiving with your partner, watching your favorite show together, and keeping your socks on during the deed. Or, if that all sounds way too time consuming and complicated, you could always just get a fun new sex toy. It'll probably be cheaper anyway.