Travis Scott's Photo With Kylie Jenner Shows They're More In Love Than Ever

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stormi's parents are still just as in love as ever. On Friday, March 29, Travis Scott shared a photo with Kylie Jenner that seemed to let everyone know that their romance is still going strong. The rapper posted a photo of himself, with his arms wrapped around Jenner and his face buried in her neck, without a comment on his Instagram account.

At the end of February, TMZ reported that Jenner had reportedly accused her boyfriend of being unfaithful, and that Scott had reportedly postponed the Buffalo, New York, stop of his AstroWorld Tour, in order to reportedly fly home to be with Jenner. However, his reps denied the rumors, telling Entertainment Tonight that, "It is not true. He did not cheat. He cancelled one show tonight because he is under the weather." The KeyBank Center in Buffalo, where the concert was scheduled to take place, also revealed on Twitter that the show had been moved to March 10, "due to illness."

Though his reps' statement noted that Scott "vehemently denies" any rumored infidelity, the rapper briefly deleted his Instagram account in a few days after the reports broke. Jenner showed her support for Scott shortly afterwards on her own account, however, by posting a photo of herself cuddling daughter Stormi while wearing a pair of AstroWorld sweatpants. While the Kylie Cosmetics founder has continued to share plenty of adorable photos of the couple's one-year-old, Scott's PDA-packed photo is the first picture either of them have shared of each other since late February.

While Scott and Jenner have kept each other off of each others' social media recently, fans shouldn't take that as a sign of relationship troubles, as the makeup mogul has previously explained that her boyfriend prefers to keep his life out of the spotlight. "I know he doesn't like the attention," Jenner told GQ back in July 2018.

"That's why we just go the extra mile to keep our relationship super private, or like, if he has events or something, I won't come. Because I want him to do his own thing. I want him to be him. I don't want it to be Kylie and Trav. If people don't ever see us together, that's okay with me, because we just do our thing," she explained at the time.

During the interview, Jenner also revealed that the couple had different ways of handling tabloid reports about their relationship, explaining, "I get over them so fast. Trav, for example, he's like, 'Wait...but how do you just get over this?' He gets more angry about things."

"It's everyone around us that aren't used to it. And we're just like, 'Oh, that'll go away in a day.' I know these stories aren't going to matter, so don't even let them affect you, you know?" Jenner explained. "I think you're correct. But it's not just men — it's friends, it's people who come and just don't know how to handle it. It's the negative. There's a lot of people who love us, but there's also a huge handful of people who don't like us."

Despite his struggles with life in the public eye, Scott has talked about how important it is for him to have his family join him on tour during a visit to the the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston hospital on Nov. 13. "It's so hard, because I grew up in a different household where I never had a nanny or nothing like that — my parents were never on a tour — so being able to do that and figure it out at 26, it's like hard, but when you're going through it, it's like, 'Oh this is dope,'" Scott said, adding that having Jenner and Stormi with him was a "life goal" realized.

While it's natural for any relationship to struggle somewhat when the whole world is watching, it seems as if Jenner and Scott's love is still going strong, despite all of the drama that comes with being a part of reality TV's most famous family.