Tristan Thompson's Birthday Post For True Revealed How They'll Be Celebrating The Big Day

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After Khloé Kardashian shared a set of photos for her daughter first birthday, True's dad is joining in the festivities. On Friday, Tristan Thompson's birthday post for True showed how he pictures the rest of the day going for them, and it sounds like a perfectly low-key way to mark the occasion.

"True-ly Perfect My baby girl is one today. Man time goes by soo fast but i'm loving every minute of it," Thompson captioned his Instagram slideshow. "Can't wait for us to sit home all day and watch lion king and paw patrol lol. ❤️❤️❤️ #MyTwin"

True is just 1 year old, after all. And the athlete's post is a sweet reminder that even celebrity babies like the same pop culture traditions as other children their age, like Paw Patrol and The Lion King.

Thompson's Instagram post includes plenty of photos of him with the baby, as well as one of True with her older half-brother, Prince Thompson. The two of them are playing together in an inflatable ball pit, and it's nice to see the half-siblings getting in some quality time. True is also sporting her signature grin in the photos her dad posted, and they really are too cute.

Thompson and Kardashian aren't together anymore, but they aren't letting their differences get in the way of True's happiness. Last month, Kardashian shot down rumors that Thompson wasn't a present father in his daughter's life, tweeting that the NBA player "is a good dad."

Responding to a fan's tweet about keeping her "head up," Kardashian responded,

"Thank you love! You're so very sweet. But he is a good dad to her. My sweet and special baby True will NEVER be put in the middle of him and I. I can promise that"

Kardashian and Thompson are coparenting just fine, if that tweet is any indication. And based on their latest Instagram posts, it's clear that both of them care greatly about their daughter.

For her part, Kardashian shared plenty of photos of True on her Instagram Story, including one from the day the baby was born a year ago. She also posted an adorable photo of True surrounded by balloons, reminding fans just how much love there is in the sweet tot's life.

"Happy birthday my sweet True!! You are my ultimate True love! I am honored and so thankful to be your mommy!" Kardashian captioned her post. "Today and until the end of time, I love you!! We have forever 💕"

Kardashian's ending her post by mentioning that she and her daughter still have "forever" together echoes a sentiment the reality star tweeted about earlier this week. She confessed to feeling "anxiety" about the baby's first birthday, tweeting on Wednesday, "I’m sad Time is flying as fast as it is. I'll be happy, of course, I simply can't understand where the time goes." But based on her new caption, Kardashian is focusing on all of the moments she and True still have to come, not just the year they've already spent together.

Thompson and Kardashian's posts about True's first birthday both show how much they love their daughter. And whatever else happens, that's not going to change.