Here’s How Troian Bellisario Might Return To The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Universe

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Spencer Hastings could one day return to the Pretty Little Liars franchise's pretty little director’s chair. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Troian Bellisario said she’d like to direct an episode of The Perfectionists. Freeform has yet to give the Pretty Little Liars spinoff a full season order, but if that happens? Bellisario may very well come back to the franchise as a director. She told ET,

“I know they already told me, which I would be delighted to do, ‘You can come and direct an episode.’ And I was like, ‘That would be so much fun!’”

Bellisario made her directorial debut on Pretty Little Liars when she stood at the helm for Season 7 episode “In the Eye Abides the Heart.” The night the episode aired, Bellisario’s co-star Lucy Hale tweeted, “So very proud of @SleepintheGardn on her directing debut tonight. Such a talent in more ways than one.”

And Aria Montgomery wasn’t the only Pretty Little Liar who praised Bellisario’s work that evening. During the episode, PLL’s Shay Mitchell tweeted, “Hey T did I mention you are a genius?”

Sure, she's all for directing an episode, but as far as making a cameo on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists goes? While it sounds like she would not not be game to bring Spencer back to the small screen, there may not actually be any plans for that at the moment. When ET asked her if she would ever be in front of the camera for the PLL spinoff, she replied,

“Oh, I don’t know! I know that the girls have been working really hard and by girls I mean Marlene [King] and Sasha [Pieterse] and Janel [Parrish]. They have a whole new wonderful group of people working on The Perfectionists and I don’t know… if Ali and Mona are showing up in this world, I have no idea who else would show up... I have no idea, I can’t share about that.”

Three months after Pretty Little Liars shushed its final shush, a possible successor was announced. Back in Sept. 2017, Freeform ordered the pilot for a show that is based on another book series by the same author who penned the series that inspired the Pretty Little Liars TV show: Sara Shepard’s The Perfectionists. As previously reported, not only will this spinoff exist in the PLL universe, but Pieterse and Parrish will reprise their PLL roles. The rest of the roster includes Sofia Carson, Sydney Park, Eli Brown, Graeme Thomas King, Hayley Erin, and Kelly Rutherford. The pilot filmed in March.

And whew, does it sound like The Perfectionists could be just the thing to fill the void left behind by Pretty Little Liars. When King spoke with TVLine earlier this year, she offered up a few morsels about the PLL spinoff. She said,

“Tonally, it’s very similar. There is a big mystery, and there is a murder, and there are some characters who are a fractured group at the beginning of our story, and through a murder they become friends. So it’s similar in that regard, but it’s a whole new mystery, a whole new murder. We also have Alison and Mona coming from PLL to Beacon Heights, and that’ll all make sense when you see the pilot.”

May Freeform see the pilot and give the whole season the green light. May we get a chance to watch this new mystery unfold. May we get to see Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwaal wreak havoc on Beacon Heights like only they can. And may Bellisario one day be brought on to direct another TV episode from the PLL universe.