Fans Totally Have Annaliese's Back After Her & Kamil's 'Bachelor In Paradise' Breakup

ABC/Paul Hebert; hannahsajban/Twitter

It was tough to see Bachelor in Paradise's Annaliese be completely blindsided when Kamil dumped her during the Season 5 reunion on Tuesday night. There are always plenty of people who can't help questioning if reality television is scripted, but it's so clear that Annaliese truly had no idea that was going to happen. And as the episode aired, Twitter totally had Annaliese's back.

Before the pair joined Chris Harrison on stage during the reunion episode, Annaliese said plenty of times that she saw long-term future with Kamil and how she would say yes to a proposal. She thought they were going to sit there and talk about their plans for the future and how happy they are, but instead, he broke up with her in front of everyone.

After that, Annaliese revealed that she wanted more effort from him and actually tried to end the relationship two weeks prior, but he wouldn't let that happen. So did he just want to break up with her on television? Why would he wait until that moment to do it? There's nothing wrong with realizing that a relationship isn't a good fit, but the way he ended it just felt so cruel and unnecessary.

Of course, Annaliese ended up walking away from the stage to recollect herself. No one could blame her for that. Needless to say, all of the fans are on her side and had no problem vocalizing that on Twitter.


The Breakup Was So Public

Yes, they met on a popular reality TV dating show and there's been a lot of public intrigue about their relationship, but there was no reason to break up with her in such a public manner.


The Breakup Rivaled Arie's

Did Kamil not watch the finale of Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor? The fandom did not respond well to Arie blindsiding Becca Kufrin and dumping her in front of the camera crew and it was just the two of them sititng on a couch. Kamil stepped things up and broke up with Annaliese in front of Chris Harrison and full studio audience.


Why Did He End It This Way?

Again, there's nothing wrong with ending a relationship that's not right for you, but he should have done so with (a lot) more tact.


Becca Was Right

Becca's instincts were on point when she sent Kamil home during night one of her Bachelorette season. Poor Annaliese.


There Were Warning Signs

Kamil was barely on The Bachelorette, so he didn't stand out to most of the viewers or the future Bachelor in Paradise contestants. The people with a good memory would recall that he told Becca he wanted a 60/40 relationship and his "job" was "Social Media Participant."


They Were Not On The Same Page

They were never on the same page. Ever. Or at least that's what it looked like based on the episodes. It was so tough watching Annaliese be so invested in someone who did not appear to feel the same way.


It's Great She Stood Up For Herself

She did not deserve to be treated so poorly. Thankfully, Annaliese was able to get the last word and stand up for herself. Everyone was proud of her for coming to her sense and recognizing her own worth.


What Happened With Their Airbnb?

Annaliese revealed that she and Kamil had booked an Airbnb together. So how did that end up? That's unclear, but at least she got an offer to hang out in a new house with her friends.


The Girls Are On Her Side

The BIP girls offered their support to Annaliese via wine and photos of Kamil to burn at an Airbnb. At this point, the fans would do the same.


She Was Ready To Move

Long distance relationships are tough, but Annaliese was willing to bridge the gap and move to New York to be with her man. She was all in and he couldn't have been any further from that mindset.


Chris Harrison Made A Total Power Move

Chris Harrison to the rescue! The host tossing Kamil off the stage to make Annaliese feel more comfortable was nothing short of incredible.


Bye Kamil

No one wanted to see Kamil on that stage anymore. Thank you, Chris Harrison


He Better Not Be Back Next Year

Let's just hope this is not true. The fandom does not need any more Kamil on their screens.


Hopefully She's Not Afraid Of Couches Now

That breakup was an objectively traumatic experience. Let's just hope Annaliese is not scared of sitting on couches because of it.


Kamil Angered Everyone

Kamil upset Annaliese, Chris Harrison, the cast members, and the fans. He really did have everyone fired up.

No one can deny that Annaliese was genuinely looking for love. It's such a shame that she thought she found the one and she was blindsided with such a public breakup. No one deserves that, but at the very least she has lots of support from her friends and the fans.