Blake Should Totally Be The Next Bachelor, According To So Many Members Of ‘Bach’ Nation

ABC/Paul Hebert; Evan Bass/Twitter

Even before The Bachelorette finale aired, there was already talk about who would be the next Bachelor. As it turns out, there are a lot of Bachelor alums who think Blake Horstmann should be the Bachelor. Unfortunately, the new lead hasn't been named yet, but Becca Kufrin's second place guy is a great candidate for that role. He's proven that this process — uh, "journey" — does actually work for him and that it is possible to fall in love in this setting. There's no doubt that he is sincere. In a world full of aspiring social media influencers, it's very much apparent that Blake truly was on The Bachelorette for the "right reasons."

He was someone that was easy to root for right from the jump. The viewers first met Blake when he brought a horse on stage during the After the Final Rose special during The Bachelor Season 22 finale. He encouraged Becca to "get back on the horse" and look for love again after her devastating breakup with Arie Luyendyk Jr. Now Bachelor and Bachelorette alums want him to do the same thing and embark on a "journey" of his own.

There are plenty of viewers who are on board with this idea, but getting encouragement from so many people who have been on this show is especially telling. If they have a say, Blake will be the handing out roses next season.


Bekah Martinez

Nope, it's not too early at all. While viewers still have to wait to find out who the new Bachelor is, it's never too early to start rooting for Blake and put out some positive vibes.


Evan Bass

Bachelor in Paradise alum Evan Bass is an avid live-tweeter, and once again, he hit the mark with this series of posts. There's no doubt that Blake would make a fantastic Bachelor, but there are some other viable candidates. This really is a tough choice.


JoJo Fletcher

If anyone knows what it's like to bounce back after second-place heartbreak, it's JoJo Fletcher. She want from getting dumped by Ben Higgins at the very end of his Bachelor season to starring as the Bachelorette the following season.


Chase McNary

The Bachelorette Season 12 alum Chase McNary is already devising slogans and unique verbiage for Blake's possible season of The Bachelor. Blake is definitely one of the top candidates for the role, so it isn't a far-fetched thought


Clay Harbor

Sometimes less is more. Blake's fellow The Bachelorette Season 14 contestant Clay Harbor made it clear that he thinks Blake is the best man for the job. Considering it's most likely that the next lead will be from Becca's Bachelorette season, Clay's opinion does mean a lot since he knows all those guys.


Jasmine Goode

It's tough to watch Blake's heartbreak and not be sad for him. One way to make things better for Blake (and the viewers) would be to announce him as the next lead. Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 alum Jasmine Goode couldn't agree more.


Michael Garafola

At this point, everyone is rooting for Blake to find happiness, but Bachelorette alum Michael Garofola does raise a valid question. Is he actually ready to move on? The Bachelor usually films in September, so Blake would have about another month to move on from this finale.


Connor Obrochta

Yes, Connor. That is what a lot of people are thinking: Blake for Bachelor. And once again, if one of Blake's fellow contestants is rooting for him to take on that lead role, it really does speak volumes.


Ashley Spivey

Bachelor alum Ashley Spivey tweeted what a lot of viewers were thinking during the finale. Garrett did address the Instagram likes controversy on the After the Final Rose portion of the episode, but what about the rest of that tweet? Will Blake be the Bachelor?


Lauren Schleyer

There's no better way to move on than by dating 25-30 people at the same time, right? Well, not conventionally, but in this case, it really could be the best solution to get Blake back on that horse again.


Chris Randone

Now here's an interesting idea. Bachelorette Season 14 contestant pleased all the viewers with this suggestion. Let's just have Blake, Colton Underwood, and Jason Tartick as Bachelors. How can they pick just one out of those guys (and whoever else they're considering)!?

Sadly, the fans still have to wait until the next Bachelor is announced, but there are a lot of franchise alums who are all for Blake getting his second shot at love.