This 'BiP' Couple Already Has Twitter's Seal Of Approval — And It Just Might Work Out

Paul Hebert/ABC/Paul Hebert/ABC

Some pairings are strange to the casual observer, but they work when it comes to execution — prosciutto and melon. Maple syrup and sausage. Jordan and Krystal. That's right — the "villains" from the last seasons of The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, respectively are on Bachelor In Paradise together, and somehow, it works. One would think that having these two in the same room would cause the Earth's core to melt instantly, but no — Jordan and Krystal are a perfect pair on Bachelor In Paradise, and Bachelor Nation Twitter is seriously 'shipping it.

On Becca's season of The Bachelorette, Jordan was typecast as the airhead model who had an attitude about the rest of the guys on his season not wearing socks with their suits. He fought with David, was a narcissist, and generally thought he was too good for the show. Whatever. A lot of viewers felt that Krystal had a lot of the same traits on The Bachelor — she was convinced that the other girls weren't there for the right reasons and that Arie should have been spending more time with her. At least, that's how these two were edited.

If you watch any sort of reality television at all, you know how The Bachelor and The Bachelorette spin their traditional narratives. It's kind of like a boy band – you have the sweetheart, the bad boy, the smart one, the old one, the one who can dance — and these shows follow the same archetypes. But on Bachelor In Paradise, these rules really don't apply — Krystal and Jordan can be more of who they actually are IRL and less of what The Bachelor wants them to be.

And we're already seeing that on BiP this season. Krystal seems like she wants to connect with other people, even Bibiana and Kendall. And Jordan isn't nearly as focused on his showmanship. Instead, he's providing funny color commentary and talking about how he wants to see people as they really are, not like they are on television. Who are these people?

There's so much more filming time and mingling time on Bachelor In Paradise that it's a completely different ballgame. And it's for this reason that Krystal and Jordan are being afforded a wholly new and redemptive arc on Bachelor In Paradise — and it seems like they're doing it together, as clips from the promo and some of the premiere show them really hitting it off.

FWIW, Twitter Is Very Into This Pair

Could Krystal and Jordan be fan favorites by the end of Bachelor In Paradise? It could happen. Bachelor In Paradise is much more like the real world than its other Bachelor counterparts in that its participants are allowed to, you know, speak to other people almost 24 hours a day. Krystal and Jordan aren't villains anymore than anyone else is. That's just who they were portrayed to be on their respective seasons. For now at least, these two have a chance at love and a whole new redemptive storyline, and fans are super into it. Let's see where this goes.